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      June 24, 2020

      Always in Action, Always Amongst People!

      After studying chemistry in Bratislava, I gained my first experience at Continental in an internship in HR. After that, I worked in the HR Quality and Processes department before assuming the position of divisional HRD specialists in 2013. After working abroad in Shanghai and for an external company, I returned to Continental in 2017 to join the HR Manufacturing & Logistics Tires Team in Hanover-Stoecken as HR Shopfloor Development Specialist & Projects.

      Status Quo

      My main responsibilities are the design and implementation of minimum standards for qualification and development processes for our shop floor employees as well as the review and set up of skill/competency matrices in alignment with the future needs of industry 4.0. The first and most important task is active listening. Therefore, I organize meetings with the plants and important parties, that have an influence on my target group like Production, Quality, Industrial Engineering or Process Engineering. During those meetings, I try to get as much input as possible to understand the local situation, the status quo and introduce new training models based on digitized processes. In general, we have to build a harmonic relationship between technology and our people.

      Previous Experiences

      Of course, my previous experiences helped me a lot. However, my parents taught me the most important characteristics you need for this job, such as soft skills like communication and empathy. My parents are both sports teachers and run their own guesthouse, which gave me early contact with other nationalities and cultures. What is particularly important for me is to respect people and show recognition for the work they do. For example, our colleagues in production: Working in production is hard and demanding and people often forget that or do not appreciate it enough. In my opinion, our colleagues in production are experts, they know their machines and processes like no other and do a great job that neither I nor any manager could do in this high quality and pace. That is impressive, and you have to appreciate it: They are the fuel of our business!

      My Motivation

      Our team and the training managers worldwide are definitely my source of motivation! We support, get inspiration from each other and exchange feedback and that is why I enjoy what I am doing. It is particularly motivating when we work together as a team to find solutions to a problem and are successful in the end! But in general, it is quite easy for me to ensure a good work-life balance, because I see my job not only as work, but also as part of my life, which brings me joy during the day.

      After Work

      I like spending time with my family. I have two sisters who also live in Hanover and we meet often and chat a lot. I also like to eat our traditional dishes, such as haluschky or pirohy (but the best is still done by my parents). If there is still time, I like to go swimming or jogging.


      This article was written by our employee.

      Alexandra Turakova