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      Always Moving Forward: Adrian’s Journey 5 Years in

      Always Moving Forward: Adrian’s Journey 5 Years in

      Continental is on a mission to enhance the way transportation works forever – and we don’t just mean through tires. We’re passionately committed to ensuring everybody reaches their destination safely.  Powered by some of the most cutting-edge technology and brightest people on the planet, our vision for the future is one of total safety and peace of mind on the road.

      That’s why people like Adrian Aguayo, one of our software engineers, works every day to achieve what we call “Vision Zero” – a world with zero vehicle-related fatalities, zero injuries and zero accidents. He recently gave us a glimpse into how he works and his experience during his five years at Continental.

      A typical day in my job is a far cry from sitting behind an office desk.

      I’m lucky enough to be able to indulge my passion for cutting edge technology and cars, by getting to work within one of the newest Continental automotive facilities in San Jose, California. My job allows me to combine my expertise in vehicle diagnostics with my passion of all things automotive related. Sometimes I truly feel like a kid again, because I get to tinker around with the things I love.

      When I started with Continental, I was an intern with big goals.

      I jumped at the chance to move over to the Continental Automotive side of the business, because I knew it would allow me to indulge my passions for technology and the world of cars. I quickly proved myself and worked my way up to the role of Electrical Engineer, sourcing crucial third-party hardware and ensuring high-quality testing standards.

      Now, as a Software Engineer, I’m able to focus more on vehicle data, which has been very exciting because of the innovative projects I’ve been given the chance to work on.

      There’s an amazing sense of camaraderie here.

      We all want to prove we’re so much more than tires. I love the sense of autonomy I’m given. There’s no micromanaging here. I’m trusted to do my job the way I think best, which ties into this idea of “Freedom to Act,” which is one of our company’s core values.

      I’d love my next move to be towards managing a team of people.

      Adrian Aguayo