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      August 02, 2023

      How to become an awarded Contivation “wizard”

      Hi, I’m Constantin Caruntu, and I’m a proud and awarded Contivation “wizard” in Continental Iasi. Let me explain 😊

      My journey in Continental started in 2016 as a software developer for the “Trained Parking” project in Continental Iasi. In 2020 I took on a Technical Project Leader role for a project in Smart Infrastructure Systems, and recently I embarked on a new challenge as a Business Owner on a project called “Artificial Intelligence for Research & Development (AI4RD) Excellence Romania”.

      Throughout the seven years, I spent so far in Continental Iasi, I was always passionate and inspired by innovative ideas and creative technology. Moreover, when I learned about the Contivation platform, I was even more eager and excited to develop new ideas and solutions, share them with the Contivation community, and support my team colleagues in doing the same.

      Therefore, for the past 3 years, my team and I submitted 28 ideas in different campaigns on Contivation. Some of them passed the evaluation process and furthermore were accepted and financed, so I was already pleased with the support and recognition received by using this great platform.

      Imagine my excitement when I got the official email letting me know that I was also selected as a Contivation Award Winner of 2022! Basically, me and 12 other colleagues were selected from more than 90 Continental locations all over the world for achieving the highest contribution levels on Contivation, through continuous engagement, mutual encouragement, and innovative spirit.

      So, I want to use this chance to encourage all forward thinkers out there to share their ideas and contribute to Continental’s Innovative Future. I use Contivation because it offers the means to ideate without borders, to get in contact with the worldwide community, and to provide a vision for our future.

      To sum it up: innovation is not just a goal, but a process, and it takes persistence and support from your peers. I’m excited to be part of a creative, smart, and agile team that’s changing the world one idea at a time.

      Constantin Caruntu

      Business Owner