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      Continental Meets Formula Student
      December 09, 2019

      Continental Meets Formula Student – A Typical Win-Win Situation

      Hello, my name is Michael. First, I would like to mention that there are a few things that have shaped me in my life so far. On the one hand there is the very early fascination with the automobile and the strong interest in being an active part of the symbiosis between man and machine. In addition, the great affinity for motorsport shaped my passion for perfection. In short: Cars move me in every way. So maybe it is not surprising that I got engaged as a designer and a driver at the formula student racing team „Dynamics e.V.” during my mechanical engineering studies at OTH Regensburg. The goal: to conceive and develop a single-seater formula racing car and compete against other universities in static and dynamic disciplines at the annual Formula Student competition at the Hockenheim racetrack. (

      Not less surprising today is the fact that 5 years ago I started to work in the “Tire information Systems” area at continental. Since then, as a function developer, I have been part of an exciting journey to intelligent tires with innovative sensor technology, which make future vehicles of our customers safer and more connected. In addition, I started to support several Formula Student racing teams with components and know-how about tire pressure monitoring systems. One of the teams is the one from the OTH Regensburg. Working together with the students is a lot of fun for me and helps to place Continental in the young minds as an attractive technology company and potential employer. I’m so grateful Continental makes me build this bridge back to the Formula Student. Thus, it is possible for me to attend the Formula Student Germany event in Hockenheim every year, as I did during my student days, and experience the atmosphere and the spirit of this competition first hand. Today I do not see everything anymore out of the driver’s helmet, but just through the sponsor’s glasses.

      Finally, all what remains to be said is how important I see the fact to meet ones daily work with a spark of passion, because that not only enhances one’s own sense of value, but also the quality of each’s work

      In this sense, I wish all Continental employees a contemplative and stress-free Christmas time. #StayAutomotivated #Passion2Win


      This article was written by our employee.

      Michael Loeffler

      Developer in the “Tire information Systems”