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      Data Scientist and Connected Car
      February 03, 2020

      Data Scientist and Connected Car

      I am Jonathan Bonnet, Data Scientist at Continental Commercial Vehicles & Services (CVS) Toulouse, France. My work activities are part of the eHorizon project.

      After my PhD Thesis, in the Artificial Intelligence and Multi-Agent Systems research fields, I wanted to continue my career into an innovative domain with concrete applications. In that, Continental CVS and the eHorizon project fulfill my expectations.

      Automotive is changing. One of the main topics is autonomous driving. Nevertheless, before having a fully autonomous car, many stages must be crossed. eHorizon project is a big step toward more autonomy, safety and security for the vehicle and its passengers. What we are currently doing at Continental CVS it’s to “increase the field of view of the vehicle”. Indeed, even if sensors are more and more accurate, how to know what is on the road beyond 300 meters, behind a curve or through a storm? For that, we upload to the cloud data from the road, record by the vehicles for example. Then, in the cloud, a dynamic map is updated and enriched thanks to that ground truth. Finally, this map is downloaded by the next vehicles. Thus, thanks to eHorizon, an accurate information is shared between the vehicles, allowing to extend their field of view.

      However, eHorizon is not limited to share raw data between vehicles. To have a real added value, raw data must be corrected, enriched and consolidated. It is here that my job of Data Scientist comes in. I have to qualify and understand the data in order to imagine and build useful services for vehicles and drivers. For example, I used to work for the Road Weather project in which we fused weather and vehicle date in order to create a more accurate weather map. Using this map, we are able to predict and inform weather-hazards: ice, fog, storm …

      At Continental CVS, I work inside teams composed of experts from new IT jobs: Cloud, Big Data, Devops … Moreover, we also have a strong link with automotive experts, allowing us to imagine and design the services of tomorrow.


      This article was written by our employee.

      Jonathan Bonnet

      Data Scientist