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      October 25, 2023

      Mastering Embedded Software Engineering: 17 Years at Continental Sibiu

      Join me on a fascinating journey that began back in November 2005 when I stepped into the world of embedded software engineering as a software developer tasked with testing Electronic Control Units (ECUs) on the production line at Continental Sibiu, Romania. Over the years, I transitioned into the realm of testing code within the very heart of the car's ECU, bringing me face to face with the intricate web of client requirements, industry standards, and dynamic challenges. I had the privilege of working on projects for renowned clients like Porsche, VW, and Jaguar, diving deep into test development using Python, Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL), and dSPACE.

      As I delved further, I yearned to understand not just the 'what' but the 'how' of software implementation. This quest led me to a pivotal opportunity in 2010, where I, along with two colleagues, undertook the task of adapting Low-Level Software to meet our customer's specific needs on a Ford project. My role in communication, focusing on Com Stack, Diag Stack, Bootloader integration, and application code implementation, allowed me to witness the complexity of this field and witness the growth of expertise.

      With time, our team expanded, and the projects became even more diverse, each bringing its unique set of requirements. Simultaneously, the software development landscape witnessed the emergence of new standards and requirements, like SPICE and AUTOSAR. In essence, being an Embedded Software Engineer encompassed ComStack integration, implementing client-driven code, adhering to coding best practices, using simulation tools like Canalyzer and Canoe, engaging in requirement review meetings, client interactions, resolving tickets from both clients and testing teams, and offering technical support to my peers.

      After 17 rewarding years in the software arena, I can genuinely say that I adore what I do; it fits me like a glove. The perpetual stream of challenges and the satisfaction of finding optimal solutions keep me engaged and passionate. In my eyes, ContinentalxSoftware is akin to a critical moment on the road, just like an emergency braking system—reliable and dependable in any situation. 😜

      Dragoș Bogdan

      Expert Embedded Software Engineer