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      February 13, 2023

      Once Continental, Always Continental

      1. How did the journey with Continental Sibiu begin?

      In November 2004, I was still a master student and at that time a job fair was organized in the auditorium of Transylvania University in Brasov. After 4 hours of “caroling” at all the companies, I saw an orange horse that seemed to wink at me. I had only one more CV and I decided to submit it to Continental. Before Christmas, I was contacted for the first interview. I was accepted into the production team. I started working at Continental in February 2005. I am glad that I caught the starting team, and I had the opportunity to contribute to Continental’s debut in Sibiu.

      2. The challenges and lessons you have learned during this time

      Because it was an ongoing learning process for me, everything was a challenge. I had to learn a lot in production both of what it means to produce or bring a product to its final form and to really work in a team. To be able to get to work or to manage yourself on a process, you need many hours of work in a team from where you learn a lot of things from the specialists around you. There were situations where interventions had to be made on the night shift and many times when one of our team had a problem, the whole team would go to resolve the problem because usually a problem does not come alone. We were also very young and enthusiastic to learn a lot. It was imperative to collaborate not only with each other but also with the other teams. Production was exactly the experience I needed for my training as an Engineer.

      3. Departure and return to Continental Sibiu

      From the desire to expand the knowledge on all levels, I decided after almost 5 years to make a change. 10 years followed in other companies and other fields of activity outside the country, and I certainly enriched my knowledge, and I am glad that I did that. I went on the idea that if you don’t risk you can’t even win. In life you must take risks to succeed or to carry out any projects.

      About the return – Just like when I decided to leave, I did the same thing when I decided to come back, but when you know what you want, everything is simpler. Why Continental? Why Sibiu? I’ve always agreed that people make companies and I think because of the people and their way of being I decided to come back. At Continental I came back for several reasons – because here I took my first steps in production, and I had a lot to learn. I feel the need to add that I’ve caught the starting teams. Finally, because here we have received many appreciations, respect and gratitude for the work done, which matters a lot if you decided to return to a place where you have worked before.

      I am currently working the R&D center within the VED ESS team- pneumatic shock absorbers as a mechanical design engineer. It is a dynamic team with ambitious people with whom it is worth continuing my journey at Continental Sibiu.

      4. Future plans?

      Development on all levels. We must learn as long as we live, otherwise we get bored, and we don’t evolve.

      5. What would you recommend to people who are thinking of leaving the company?

      I don’t think I can make recommendations on this, and I think everyone is driven in life by their own intuition and everyone has their own value system. I think everyone knows what they want to do. But instead, I can say from my little experience that we are also fine and there are many advantages at Continental Sibiu that would be good to consider, comparing with the conditions on the labor market abroad.

      Anton Adrian-Dragoș

      Mechanical design engineer