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      Engineering Studies – Dare You!
      November 18, 2019

      Engineering Studies – Dare You!

      Hi, I am Joylin and study dual industrial engineering in Hannover.

      Why Continental? – In my school days I received a scholarship which was supported by Continental in Lower Saxony. Through this initial contact with the company, I developed an interest in the products and decided to apply for the ContiBachelor program.

      Originally, I wanted to study business administration and apply for the Business Administration course because I was unsure whether I would be able to master subjects such as electrical engineering or physics in a technical course. Even though I always enjoyed math and was curious, I knew it would be a challenge. In addition, as many people say, a degree in engineering is not typical for a woman. I knew only a few people who wanted to study something technical after school. That made me a little insecure at first. But my mentor from the student scholarship encouraged me to leave my comfort zone and convinced me to study industrial engineering. This is how I learn to think economically, but also to understand products and technical processes in a technological company. That’s how I finally decided to study engineering.

      The ContiBachelor program “Industrial Engineering ” consists of an engineering degree with a focus on mechanical engineering and an apprenticeship as an industrial clerk. A total of 7 semesters in 3.5 years have to be completed, of which the apprenticeship takes place in parallel to the studies in the first two years. For this reason, we also have a 6-day week in the first two years. This means: working 3 days and studying 3 days.

      Despite the tight schedule, I decided to do so because the variety of technical and business subjects is very appealing to me and we can build up a broad knowledge base. 

      After successfully completing my apprenticeship, I am now studying full-time. At Continental, we have many opportunities to apply what we have learned in a wide variety of practical applications and to develop ourselves further. We can get a taste of the different departments and divisions of the Contiworld. So far I have been able to gain insights into sales, purchasing and supply chain management at Tires, but also at ContiTech.

      Recently I was working on a project about the tire inspection process in the central Technical Customer Services Tires, which I really enjoyed! I independently created a new training concept for photo inspection and contributed my ideas, which I was then able to implement in cooperation with my colleagues.

      I am happy to have made this decision to study industrial engineering. Even subjects like electrical engineering, which deterred me at the beginning, I mastered well. From my own experience I can say: dare you! Study what interests you and look beyond gender stereotypes when choosing a career!


      This article was written by our employee.

      Joylin Ong

      ContiBachelor student in industrial engineering