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      February 11, 2020

      Exploring the Data World at Continental with Michael

      My journey at Continental in the UK started in 2018, coming from a Software tester background and previous Data Analyst roles I was given the opportunity to drive the change within the business in how we interpret Data to produce actionable insights to both internal stakeholders and Customers, it was inevitable for us as a business to dive towards a digital transformation and what made me love my journey here is the attitude towards change at Continental; the change in which our core values stands for.

      Aside from my key responsibilities such as Data security and maintenance, my influential role within the Business is to visualize data in a presentable way which adds value to the business. Creating Business dashboards which displayed key performance indicators were fundamental in moving the company specifically Commercial Business units forward.

      All my practices were Customer focused, be it internal or external. I have a very good relationship and rapport with my team including wider teams in passenger too. During my time here I’ve also established relationships with external data providers which has lead to the biggest benefit in potential Fleet Customers the Truck sales team has ever had.

      When it comes to reporting, using tools such as Tableau / Power Bi, I’m always looking for continuous improvements to tailor each report to my audience, communication is essential and for myself I make it a priority to ensure messages are delivered in a timely manner to everyone.

      One of my main challenges however was that some people were more resistant to change, this I learnt through my journey that with change comes exercising patience and becoming a true team player. I had to take each opportunity to provide to them the right tools and benefits, which also meant having to adapt towards some older methods of communication in order to cater to the right audience.

      My role is about innovation and managing CTG data effectively within the organization, driving towards change is a whole team effort and I’m proud to say that the culture we have at Continental Tyres UK is phenomenal. Right from the Senior managers to the Call center, everyone truly strives for Continentals core values. I am pleased to be a part of successful business who not only empowers their people but encourages growth widely.

      This article was written by our employee.