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      February 17, 2020

      From Czech Republic to France in Industrial Engineering

      My name is Martin and I have been working at Continental for 7 years now. After my studies, I joined the Continental team as a member of graduate program and then I got my first job in the Industrial Engineering department at Continental Otrokovice in Czech Republic.

      After 5 years as Industrial Engineer of the Curing and Final Finishing area in the production of Commercial Vehicle Tires (CVT), I decided to open up to new professional horizons and go abroad. So, I took the opportunity to join the Industrial Engineering team at the Sarreguemines plant (North-East of France) in 2018. When I arrived in Sarreguemines, communicating with my team and the plant colleagues was my biggest challenge, since my level of French was rather bad.

      This experience of 2 years in France was an opportunity to improve my French (which was highly needed). I also had the opportunity to work on many interesting projects, with a focus on improving efficiency, working conditions and layout optimization in the curing area. For example, I took a part in the unique and technically very interesting project called ALCA (Automatic Loading Curing Area).

      Apart from work, my most beautiful experience after 2 years in France is certainly the birth of my son, who was born in Sarreguemines. And then I will never forget travelling around the country, discovering French gastronomy, playing for Sarreguemines basketball team, participating in the Tour de France, and getting to know French people and their tremendous patriotism. I go back to Czech Republic with all these beautiful memories full of inspiring encounters, projects and baby’s cries.

      To sum it up, this experience has fulfilled me, both professionally and personally. Thank you to Continental for allowing me to live this unique experience!


      This article was written by our employee.

      Martin Vanko

      Industrial Engineer of the Curing and Final Finishing