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      May 23, 2019

      From Operator to HR Specialist

      Hi, my name is Mădălina and I started to work in Continental Sibiu in 2010 as backend Packing operator where my task was to check the pieces before they were delivered to the customer. After the final test station, each product had to be visually inspected: the aspect of the carcass, the aligned pins, the scratches, the conforming label or the details from the label. My intention was to stay for a few months until I find another job in my area, because I graduated International Relations & European Studies, but only after few weeks I realized that I liked this job which was very dynamic. Most of all I liked to work with people, so after almost 9 years I’m still here.

      In 2012 I was promoted as line leader and during this experience I learned a lot about people and how important is to communicate, to be honest and to motivate my team.

      In 2016 I became mother, a beautiful experience which empower me to be motivated, and after two years at home with my child, I decided that I can do more. Therefore, when I came back I applied for a new job. With my family support and a lot of confidence in a new beginning, I started a new chapter in my life, a job in Human Relations as a Recruitment and Staffing Specialist. I met a beautiful team here who supports me and teaches me a lot of things. Also, my experience as line leader and operator helps me, because I already understand the job requirements and how to hire the right people at the right place.

      My results were visible also for my colleagues and my direct superior and starting November 2018, I accepted a new challenge: a new position as Human Relations Specialist, which is the biggest challenge so far.

      Now, my advice for all is that with ambition and confidence you can succeed everything!


      This article was written by our employee.

      Madalina Chirila

      Packing operator