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      July 11, 2019

      I Troubleshoot Problems Using AI and Natural Language Processing

      Hello, my name is Hari and I am working as a Data Scientist in Continental’s Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Labs at our Technical Center in India. I lead projects in the area of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Process Automation , which enables several of our business units to automate their processes by harnessing the power of AI. My team’s vision is to make Continental an AI-empowered company by 2030.

      I enjoy working in areas that involve several cutting-edge technologies. One of the main purposes of our projects is to help troubleshoot problems by using intelligent assistants or conversational agents developed using Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning Algorithms. This helps our organization to intelligently automate multiple different business processes. My main aim is to provide user satisfying and actionable insights for customers, provide efficient service, and to increase their productivity and services.
      My main project with Continental Industry is designing a digital assistant that is more or less a chatbot. This helps field service technicians solve frequently asked questions and find solutions to whatever issue users are facing. The aim is to resolve these issues without delays, and without accruing any travel costs, therefore reducing the amount of routine work. I believe this will help our society massively.

      Prior to joining Continental, I completed my Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering and graduated from Kongu Engineering College, Tamil Nadu, India. I started my career in Hexaware Technologies, Chennai in the field of Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence. After this, I spent a year working as an analyst at HSBC’s Global Analytics Center in Bangalore. When I joined Continental in 2018, the team consisted of around five members. Now we have grown into a team of 20. This exponential growth has majorly strengthened the team’s capabilities and winning capacity.

      Our team is headquartered in Regensburg (Germany), but we are spread in Singapore, Mexico and Bangalore (India). Since we are operating in different time zones we usually don’t talk all together. We got very used to make sure we understand the different markets and cultures, because it is even more important in our team setup.

      We are working in a complete agile technical setup using Jira for our projects. On a daily basis we still have “stand-up meetings” for 15 minutes where we quickly discuss on the status of our current tasks. Our project leads are changing from project to project.

      From time to time we meet in person for around 2 weeks to visit our internal customers and better understand their needs and as well work together closely on a project sprint. We are learning closely how our colleagues are working and support by automating their processes and giving them more time for cognitive and innovative tasks. Currently I am in Hanover (Germany) where we are supporting our tax colleagues. We see ourselves as an enabler to make use of AI in all business units at Continental and make them future ready.

      The core values of Continental contain trust and freedom to act. Our leaders are not restricting us or blocking our ideas with bureaucracy and I believe it makes our work smoother and more innovative. I am proud to be working with a team that is fully focused, vision-oriented and self-determined, not only programming on a task someone assigned to me. I feel very much needed here, for example I already know about my upcoming 8 projects ?. Of course I can’t talk about them yet, so if you want to know more just leave your application online.


      Hari is part of our new campaign “My job is down when…”. You can find more stories from our colleagues around the world and also more insights into the exciting working day at Continental on our careers page.


      This article was written by our employee.

      Hariharavignesh Madeswaran (Hari)

      Data Scientist in Continental’s Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Labs