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      February 01, 2023

      My journey across the world which started with the eXplore Tires Supply Chain Management Graduate Program

      My name is Lisa Lenz, I am originally from Germany. I was part of the eXplore Tires Supply Chain Management Program in 2013. It’s been a few years, but I still profit a lot from the network I built during that time. I’m now the Plant Operations Manager in our Mount Vernon (USA) plant which is one of our biggest factories within Tires. In that role I overlook the Purchasing department, with procuring all the necessary raw material for the plant, as well as the support of non production related plant Purchasing topics. Also, my team take care of all the production scheduling of our Passenger & Light Truck and Truck Tire production. And finally, I’m overseeing our Finished Goods Warehouse operation including all outbound transportation of tires being shipped to our customers. It’s a lot of responsibility and the trainee pool set me up for it in a great way.

      During my time as a SCM Trainee I spent time in another tire plant in Lousado (Portugal). During my 3 months stay I learned a lot from the Supply Chain Planning team there about production planning and scheduling and what our standards are for the company.

      I took that knowledge and moved to the opposite side of the globe, as well as the opposite side of the supply chain as a next step: Market Demand planning in the South African market. This was a great experience personally as well as professionally. Working in a different culture, while taking care of planning all the imports coming from other factories into the South African market taught me a lot about Continental’s supply chain, as well as about myself as a professional within this organization.

      Next up were stays with our Central Supply Chain teams. First in Hannover for a few months for global topics, then in Fort Mill (USA) in the Americas headquarters for the Americas region. Very interlinked training, but very interesting all together. This was probably the biggest chance to network and keep long lasting good relationships with colleagues I still work with closely even today.

      The time as a trainee went by much too quick. But as people say: time flies if you are having fun. I learned a lot about Continental during these 18 months and built a great network with some lasting friendships around the world. I would always take this opportunity again to join the eXplore Tires Supply Chain Management Program if it would be given to me and absolutely recommend it to anybody who gets the chance to do this.

      After completion of the eXplore trainee pool I was given the chance to go on an assignment to our South African plant and support the team there with improving supply chain processes. I always loved travelling and working with different cultures, and during my time in the eXplore Program I realized that I really enjoyed the plant environment with its fast-paced work and quick decision making.

      I moved to the United States from there and made a good career for myself in our Mount Vernon location. Met my husband here and decided to stay and not return to my home location in Germany.

      I’m very thankful for all the opportunities I got through Continental and I believe the eXplore Tires Supply Chain Management Program was a crucial part of this.

      This blog was written by our employee.


      Lisa Lenz

      Plant Operations Manager