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      May 21, 2024

      Love, Peace & Rock’n’Roll

      From stage to conference technology - What I integrate into my job as a merchandiser for a rock band.

      The summer I discovered my new passion, I had been through a difficult time: two years earlier, I had lost my husband to cancer. This was followed by many ups and downs until I found my way in life again. Fortunately, I had many wonderful colleagues at my side who supported me through this.

      In 2006, I was part of a team that was tasked with organizing the Research and Development summer party. Together we put together a great program. 

      When I was looking for a band, a colleague recommended “Sweety Glitter & the Sweethearts” - known from the Maschseefest in Hanover. I had just moved to my new hometown and knew neither the band nor the Maschseefest. 

      The big day arrived:
      The sun was shining, the festival was a great success, even the brief power cut was quickly sorted out and, incidentally, I got the sunburn of my life. As soon as the band started playing, I was blown away. It was exactly my kind of music! I knew almost all the lyrics by heart and was thrilled. The singer invited me to the Maschseefest two weeks later and from then on I was hooked. I was a fan... 

      Today, 18 years later.
      I work part-time as a merchandiser for this very band and have already played 450 concerts with them.We traveled all over Germany and even to London - arriving on the cruise ship MS Hamburg, which was allowed to drop anchor in the middle of the city behind Tower Bridge. Other highlights that I was able to experience alongside the band were Performances as support for THE WHO, Suzi Quatro, Harpo, the Lords, Peter Maffay and many, many more. 

      My time with the band taught me a lot, for example stage technology, lighting, cable safety and microphone technology. Today I can also put this knowledge into practice at Continental - for example at the R+D Forum, where I provide technical support at events and conferences. . 

      Of course, my weekends are sometimes a bit short and I've also dedicated the odd vacation day to the band. But I have never regretted any of these days or the kilometers I have driven. 

      Many new friendships have developed over the years and I could theoretically book an overnight stay with fans and friends in many cities in Germany. 

      Our band motto “Love, Peace + Rock'n'Roll” is now even immortalized in a tattoo. 

      Our small band family likes to live by the saying: Do good and don't talk about it. They want to make people happy for an evening with their music. It makes me happy to be able to work for them.

      This article was written by our employee.

      Moni(ka) Malter

      Team assistant in research and development Specialty Tires