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      July 27, 2020

      My Driving Force, My Passion: The Industry

      Hello, my name is Rachel Geyer and after 8 years in France, I am starting a new stage in my career in Germany… and still at Continental!

      Initially Engineering Manager in Sarreguemines, I am now joining the central team in Hanover as Head of Maintenance & Engineering Processes.

      Industry has always been my driving force, my passion. And my 26 years of experience in the Maintenance field in leading automotive groups can attest!

      It is a job that requires adaptation to constant change. Today technologies evolve very quickly and, as a manager, our role is to encourage technological advances of our equipment, the development of organizations but also and above all the professional evolution of our employees.

      How? We must allow employees to enrich their technical skills and also help them to accept or even encourage this constant evolution of the job. This is essential to always stay one step ahead!

      After 8 years in the Sarreguemines plant, if I had to remember …

      A memory? Without a doubt local solidarity! When difficult situations have been encountered, employees have such a sense of belonging to the plant that they offer their help and make themselves available. It is a precious daily support!

      A challenge? The competitiveness of the job market, particularly in the maintenance trades area. To be an attractive employer, career development, training and leadership are essential.

      I would also say that even today, too few women occupy technical positions in industrial fields, which is unfortunate! For me, being the only woman has never been a problem. I started my career in production, working mostly with men. Today, when I arrive on site and put on my safety shoes, it makes no difference whether I am a woman or a man. The most important is the way you behave, and you address the people around you; and that is not gender related.

      Finally, I would say that it is a chance to choose a profession where there is no routine, where you must follow evolutions and constantly move forward: it is a job with a great future, and for everyone!


      This article was written by our employee.

      Rachel Geyer