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      March 23, 2017

      My Recruiting Experience as a ContiBachelor Applicant

      Four years ago, when I finished school and first heard about the integrated degree program offered by Continental, I did not know every detail about how the program works. I just knew that it is a great opportunity to combine both academic studies and practical experiences in a great company. Therefore, I looked up Continental’s career website to retrieve more detailed information about the company and the integrated degree program in Hanover.

      Since Continental is widely known for its tire business, I was impressed when I read about all the other automotive products and innovations in the product portfolio and it caught my interest. Furthermore, I thought it is great to study for the Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and also work for Continental. Not only did the career website provide all of this information I was looking for, it also offered the possibility to directly apply. The whole application process was really easy and convenient, I could just upload my documents and immediately received an automatic e-mail that my application was received. After some time, I got invited to a recruitment test. Since I had just graduated from school, I was kind of nervous and excited about what to expect so I took a closer look at Continental’s history, board members, facts and figures and all the information I could find to prepare myself. This really came in handy as the recruiters asked a few basic questions to find out who is really interested in Continental.

      After a short personal Question & Answer session, the other candidates and I took a computer test which contained math, German, English and some logical thinking tasks. Shortly after this, I received an invitation to the Assessment Center, which was even more exciting. It was a whole day spend at the headquarters, working on different tasks – either in a team with the other candidates or alone. After we had managed all the tasks there was an interview section with the recruiters where everyone had to answer a few questions. By the time the day was over I really felt that I wanted to start my career with Continental and hoped for a positive response – which I received only a few hours later. I was really surprised and of course really happy about this quick feedback and from that day on I couldn’t wait for my first day at Conti.

      Looking back, I am really glad I made this decision as it has offered me so many great chances and experiences, for example spending a few months in Malaysia and meeting so many new and interesting people whom I now call friends.  I am glad I clicked the “Apply now” button 🙂

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      This article was written by our employee.

      Elena Pruesse