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      My Work as a Business Consultant
      August 29, 2019

      My Work as a Business Consultant

      Hello, my name is Angel and I work as a Business Consultant with Continental Business Consulting in Singapore. Through this role, I focus on two main areas. The first of these is Agile Development, with the aim of transforming Continental into a real agile organization with the ability to develop and deliver products of the highest possible value to our customers as quickly as possible. The second is Functional Safety, where we seek to increase the reliability of our products and reduce the legal risks for product liability claims. This is especially crucial for future mobility, especially with the move towards autonomous driving, as we need to ensure highest safety, even in the worst case that if it fails, it does so safely – without endangering human lives. 

      I took this role because I had a desire to expand my career horizon in the field of consultancy. I wanted to combine my technical expertise and experience with my passion in coaching, presenting, cross-BUs learning and sharing.  

      My work typically varies from day-to-day, meaning new challenges always spring up whenever I start my business day. I perform a variety of tasks, including providing training & coaching, conducting workshops, implementing solutions and business acquisition in different Continental locations. Most of the time, my job is to clarify problems and bring them on to the table. As I believe in, once problems are well defined, they are mostly half solved.  

      Agile Development is about how fast we as a company can respond and adapt to changes in a competitive, fast-paced and dynamic market. In addition to this, it is about how fast we can deliver value to our customers. In an agile environment, each developer and engineer is empowered through having autonomy and mastery in their own development work. This leads Continental towards a direction of fostering more innovation within the company.

      Before joining Continental, I received a MSc. in Electronic Systems Design Engineering from the University of Science Malaysia. Upon graduating in 2012, I joined a global tech company as a Software Engineer, before switching to a System Solution Validation Engineer within its Internet of Things 

      Group.  My engineering background exposed me to well versed experiences in hardware, software and system, and it led to me joining Continental Singapore in 2016 as a Test Architect in the Infotainment and Connectivity Business Unit. The following year, I became a Business Consultant with Continental Business Consulting. 

      At workplace, I am ambitious, accountable, and passionate about my work. Away from the workplace, I consider myself to be fun and sporty. I enjoy doing all kinds of sports, including badminton, jogging and swimming during my leisure time. In my time at the company I have developed on a personal level, as well as contributing to and witnessing the transformation of Continental into a real agile environment. 

      I am proud to work at Continental, and believe it to be a very exciting company for prospective applicants due to the huge number of offices and plants located all over the world. Here, I have the opportunity to work not just in Singapore, but also the option to relocate to the United States, for example. This is important to me, as I enjoy travelling around to learn about different cultures and working environments. 


      Angel is part of our new campaign “My job is done when…” You can find more stories from our colleagues around the world and also more insights into the exciting working day at Continental on our careers page: 


      This article was written by our employee.

      Tze Hui Yew (Angel)

      Business Consultant