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      New Research and Development Center in Mexico.
      November 05, 2018

      New Research and Development Center in Mexico.

      On Tuesday, May 15th we inaugurated our new Research & Development Center in Queretaro, Mexico. Through a series of events we kicked off this new journey for all of us, while showing what we’ve been working on. Thereby, we could provide evidence of how important this new platform is for experimenting and innovating. With all of this, we presented the world what we at Continental are capable of.

      With an investment totaling 50 million euros, we are heading to close the year with 400 colleagues and the goal to have 1,000 for 2020. In addition, we aim to increase Continental’s technological capacity for innovation and research, reaffirming its position as a key player in building the mobility of the future.

      Our R&D Hub in Queretaro, will be linked to public and private universities to give outstanding students the opportunity to  combine their academic knowledge and experience with us. Kurt Lehmann – Corporate Technology Officer (CTO) said:

      Queretaro stands out not only as city offering a highly promising and livable environment, but moreover as an impressive pool of young talents.

      We are proud of what we’re doing in Mexico, and we will continue to think as big as we have. Our center will have the following disciplines: Software, Algorithms, Tests and Mechanics and we will focus on working on technologies on automated driving for specific points such as: detection of blind spots, pedestrian detention, cruise hazard detention, alerts of objects around the vehicle, which are just a few to mention.

      This really demonstrates how much of a key player Mexico has become, not only for Continental, but in fact for the global automotive industry. And I truly believe that your country’s role in this industry will continue to grow in the years to come

       – Helmut Matschi

      As our R&D Center Director, Jorge Vazquez said:  We are the best job option for those who are interested in creating, building and innovating the mobility of the future.

      The development of this new project for Continental had the support of the Government of the State of Querétaro, the Secretary of Sustainable Development of the State. and the Municipal Government.

      The event ended with a gathering of all employees to celebrate the next step Continental is making us part of.


      This article was written by our employee.

      Elena Estarrona

      Communication Specialist