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      November 09, 2023

      From Lebanon to France, Landing in Portugal: A year of innovation in the AI Landscape at CES

      My fascination with technology and innovation began in Lebanon, where a curiosity for edge-cutting advancements laid the foundation for my journey. The quest for knowledge led me to France, where I delved into the realms of technology and gained invaluable experience in artificial intelligence.

      The French chapter of my journey was marked by professional growth and diverse experiences. Working in a dynamic AI landscape, I embraced the challenges and successes that came my way. Each project added a layer to my expertise, preparing me for the next exciting step in my career.

      The call from Continental Engineering Service brought me to Portugal, and Porto became the canvas for a new chapter. Here, amidst the warm embrace of the Portuguese people, I found a place that goes beyond the ordinary workplace. Moving to Porto wasn’t just a change of location, it was a strategic move to be at the forefront of AI advancements. I played a pivotal role in establishing the AI infrastructure in the Greentech team of the X-tech segment. From developing essential AI tooling for AI applications to setting up frameworks and developing AI solutions.

      A significant milestone in this journey was the successful implementation of a weed detection system in the agricultural field to protect a plant with a potential to be used for tire production. This eco-friendly project not only showcased the power of AI in promoting sustainable practices but also marked a pivotal moment in the agriculture sector, where it opened doors to new projects and attracted interest from investors globally.

      In parallel, I joined an extraordinary team in Lausado, a team filled with skilled experts in AI and DataScience. Together, we embarked on projects that promise to reshape the future of tire industry. Their expertise and vision are not just promising, they are revolutionary.

      My connection with CES goes beyond Porto. Having lived in France and speak the language, I became the main link between CES Porto and CES Toulouse for a few months. Establishing a bridge between these two teams, I spent five weeks in Toulouse to foster collaboration and bring knowledge in AI. This experience reinforced my belief in the power of cross-team collaboration and knowledge exchange.

      The Portuguese people, with their warm and welcoming nature, made my integration swift and delightful. The ambient at CES facilitated a seamless incorporation. The collaborative spirit was evident, and I quickly discovered the real meaning of teamwork. The support from colleagues and the shared enthusiasm for AI projects created an environment where ideas flowed freely, and challenges were met collectively.

      As I navigate the dynamic world of AI, I find myself at the intersection of diverse cultures and experiences. From the vibrant streets of Lebanon to the academic halls of France and now the innovative landscape of Portugal, my journey is a testament to the global nature of AI, it’s a journey that bridges continents, connecting ideas, and contributing to the ever-expanding tapestry of Artificial Intelligence.

      All these remarkable achievements unfolded in just one year at CES. The speed and impact are a testament to the dynamic and innovative environment that CES provides.

      My journey in AI is an ongoing expedition, and each project is a testament to the transformative power of collaborative endeavors. Portugal, with its warm people and innovative spirit, has become a home where AI isn’t just a job; it’s a shared passion.

      Nour Hobloss

      AI Engineer