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      Our experience as Conti Bachelors
      March 25, 2019

      Our experience as Conti Bachelors

      Hi, our names are Leonie and Josephin and we are 20 years old. Since September 2017, we have been studying Business Administration as part of the ContiBachelor program. Today, we want to tell you something about us and our experiences at Continental.

      Our studies are divided into 12 blocks of 3 months each, during which the theoretical phases that we spend in university and the practical phases in different departments alternate – for us the perfect mix! During the theoretical phases at the University of Applied Sciences we have lectures together with about 35 dual students from other companies.

      During the practical phases we work in the different locations and divisions of Continental. Whether it is communications, human relations, controlling or purchasing – we have the opportunity to gain insights, meet new people and finally find out which area matches our interests best.

      Both of us have always had a lot of fun working in our previous departments – especially because of the good cooperation with our colleagues.

      Why we love what we do

      The switch between work and university allows us to see how the theory is being implemented. By executing smaller tasks and projects within the company, we have learned what it means to take responsibility and work independently. In addition, we have already been able to build up a large network of contacts in an international company through our practical experiences.

      Due to the small groups of students at the University of Applied Sciences, we were able to get to know our fellow students better and didn’t have the anonymity of a large university. We often meet up after work / university or on the weekends, cook together or train together for the Hannover Half Marathon / Marathon, which is supported by Continental every year.During our studies, we also have the opportunity to participate in numerous events. This includes conferences such as the Senior Executive Convention in Amsterdam, as well as workshops and seminars and evening events like the Tire Award. The highlight of our study is the stay abroad during the practice phase – learn more about it now.

      ContiBachelors around the world

      In summer the big journey starts for both of us – the three-month stay abroad is part of our studies and usually the highlight for every dual student at Continental. Whether Mexico, Shanghai, Canada or USA – the whole world is opened up for us. We both opted for a stay in Malaysia at the Petaling Jaya plant, where we will work in Human Relations and Marketing. As this will be our first time in Asia we look forward exploring new cultures, meeting new people and dealing with new challenges.

      Right now we are in the middle of preparing everything because most of the organization is done by us – from finding a department to the application for the visa, the flight booking and housing search. Even the weekends are already planned – we want to take trips to Bangkok and Singapore as well as visiting some islands. When do you ever have the chance to see such places?
      Although we have a lot of freedom regarding the planning and implementation, the vocational training department is always by our side when we have questions.

      We will keep you up to date and promise to tell you about our experiences in Malaysia! 🙂

      Are you wondering if dual studies are the right thing for you? Use the comment function to ask us your questions!

      Both of us would definitely opt for the ContiBachelors program again!


      This article was written by our employee.

      Josephin Schramm