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      Our Return From Sabbatical
      August 14, 2020

      Our Return From Sabbatical

      “Only those who wander around find new ways.” (Norwegian proverb)

      Our sabbatical ends now after almost a year. We have been able to experience a lot on our journey:

      The diverse landscapes of Southern Europe, the incredible hospitality and joie de vivre of Thailand and Myanmar, the spiritual world of Bali, the Australian wildlife and water world, Australian Open and the breathtaking nature of New Zealand. Countless great encounters with people, cultures and natural phenomena. Finally, Covid19 forces us into the lockdown in New Zealand and finishes our around the world tour a little earlier than expected.

      The last weeks we spend the time with our close relatives in Germany, as far as it is possible under the current situation. Also we as a family have found a good ending by being on the road again in Germany and Holland with a camper.

      Regarding my return to the job, it was clear to me even before the trip that I would be looking for a new job within Continental. That’s why I had already held many discussions about possible job options before the leisure phase of my sabbatical. The first contact person here was of course my supervisor, but I also discussed with managers from other departments and HR colleagues which tasks might be interesting for me. That gave a better picture of everyone’s expectations regarding a new position. Of course, I did not have the expectation that the jobs would be handed to me on a “silver platter”. Obviously this also depends on what open positions are available at the end of my sabbatical. Of course I also have to prove my suitability and face up to corresponding interviews.

      On the other hand, I can expect to be “on the radar” during my absence, to be discussed on returnee lists and so-called Talent Management Conferences with HR managers and executives.

      In the end, my later job offer came exactly from such a discussion. I already had initial discussions in Australia about whether a head of human Relations at ContiTech for the locations Northeim, Bad Blankenburg and Moers could be the right next step in my development. I was quickly convinced of this. And even though the move with the family from Hanover to the Northeim region, which is certainly a greater expense for us, we see it less as a burden than rather as an opportunity for our future.

      We have been able to take a lot with us from our world trip. We were confronted with situations, which were not always easy to solve. We were inspired by people and cultures that we would not have met in our normal everyday life. We got to know new perspectives and ways. We exchanged imaginations with experiences. And were thus not only on an outer, but also on an inner journey.


      This article was written by our employee.


      Head of Human Relations for the Technology Center Tires in Hanover Stoecken