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      June 07, 2023

      Unleashing the Power of Computing: Exploring Opportunities in Continental's Makers Garage for Future Mobility

      I recently read that the count of transistors on a computer chip has surmounted the number of people living on earth, while the size of a single transistor becomes atomic. This fact inspires me to dive deeper into the mechanisms of computer architectures and computer engineering in general. The breath-taking speed of development in the computer industry enables the rise of new technologies in every part of our life. With these new opportunities, we are able to rethink and improve existing solutions and create an even smarter future.

      As a technology driver in the automotive industry, Continental is also benefiting from this increase in computing performance, as it implies the development of new intelligent products and services for our customers. Together with a lot of passioned people we are working on the future of mobility by focusing on further digitalizing our products, which are not only related to the car and its tires, but also to the whole infrastructure it takes to get from A to B.

      Four years ago, this challenge motivated me to start a dual study program in Embedded Automation Design at Continental. During my practical phases I had insights to six totally different departments. I got to know many teams and understood how Continental is structured. While I was working on hardware and software related projects dealing with Artificial Intelligence, IoT devices, simulations and industrial image processing, I not only acquired new knowledge and learned new skills, but also developed on a personal level. By the way, without the enormous increase in computer performance, my projects would not have been feasible…

      In retrospect I want to share my key takeaways from this inspiring time: 1. Do not be afraid of new challenges, but always remain authentic. 2. We live in a rapidly evolving world where new skills are constantly required, so lifelong learning is part of everyday work. 3. As a last and most important point I would like to emphasize #ItsOkToFail. Especially in the technical field, this is simply part of the job and will make you even stronger and smarter.

      After my undergraduate degree I directly began my next adventure: I enrolled in the master program in computer engineering and applied for the IoT/Embedded position at the Makers Garage program at Continental. As a working student I benefit not only from my experience and existing network, but also from my takeaways I have mentioned. Currently I am working on a full stack web app project, which is running on Amazon Web Service resources. Once again, I have familiarized myself with a new topic and have already learned a lot about developing digital services in the cloud. What I really appreciate at the Makers Garage is that you get the time to get involved in a wide variety of projects.

      As a maker you are part of a young and dynamic team that grows with its challenges. Instead of doing boring routine jobs during your studies, you will get prepared for the real working environment of tomorrow. Take your chance and step on the springboard of your career at Continental!