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      March 21, 2024

      Through the 'break talk' to the industrial electronics technician

      Herbert Keil

      When it comes to qualification, I am a good contact person in Regensburg. My name is Herbert Keil and I've been working at the Bavarian site since 2000. I've been working as an analysis assistant since 2016, but since 2022 I've held another position: I help colleagues at the site to find suitable further training opportunities - as a Qualification Guide (Quali Guide for short). One of them is Jaqueline Simeunovic, who is currently training to become an industrial electronics technician for operating technology through the CITT.

      The topic of qualification is very close to my heart and has been with me - both privately and professionally - for many years. For example, I used to work as a trainer after my training as a carpenter. I have always loved working with different people and background stories and supporting them. It was a great feeling when someone passed an exam. So it was only natural that I should continue to work with qualification at Continental.

      As a Quali-Guide, I consciously take the time in my day-to-day work to pick up colleagues on the subject of qualification. A lot of this takes the form of short conversations during breaks, in which I actively ask them whether they are interested in qualification measures. Only then, if the person wishes, do we delve deeper into the subject matter.

      I also got together with my colleague Jaqueline on the subject of training during one of these break talks. We knew each other beforehand, which was very helpful. I was able to roughly assess which qualification would suit Jaqueline's job. We then got into the topic together without a rigid process and looked at the options. 

      My biggest tip when it comes to qualifications is definitely: don't be afraid to speak to the local Quali-Guides about qualification opportunities. We are always happy to help and advise colleagues.

      Jaqueline Simeunovic

      I have been working with Herbert in Regensburg for some time now. I've been working here as a production employee since 2010. Herbert approached me during a break and we talked about training opportunities. We've known each other for a while, as we work in similar areas. However, I didn't know at first that I was talking to an official qualification guide.

      It was great to see that someone was taking time for the topic of qualification in their day-to-day work and that I had a competent contact person. Shortly after Herbert and I spoke for the first time, my training started. As a Quali-Guide, Herbert has completely different strands of information to other employees and a broad range of expertise, from which I have now benefited. For me, he is a person of trust when it comes to qualification. 

      I can confirm from my own experience that all colleagues are in the right place with the Quali-Guides when it comes to qualifications. The principle has worked for me and I am delighted to have the opportunity to gain further qualifications as an industrial electronics technician. But you have to be aware that qualification also means work. I have learned to learn again.

      These are "Quali-Guides"

      The task of the qualification guides is to support colleagues in the transformation process and to act as contact persons for the topics of learning, qualification and further training. To prepare them, they undergo in-service training that lasts one and a half years and concludes with an IHK certificate.

      Herbert Keil

      Analysis assistant and qualification guide

      Jaqueline Simeunovic

      Prospective industrial electronics technician