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      Quality Starts With Me!
      October 29, 2018

      Quality Starts With Me!

      Did you notice how time flies when you play? Do you remember how many things you learned while playing when you were a kid? It is a fact: we all like to play and no matter how old we are, it helps to develop.

      This is how we came to the conclusion that we should seriously do it more often.

      In August, the green light was given for the ‘Quality Starts With Me’ games in Continental Brasov – an interactive simulation tool which is similar to a role play game. In it, there were 4 to 12 Operators, a Line Leader and a Production Manager who are making up the production team. This is how, for 45 minutes, you have the chance to experience life in someone else’s shoes and benefit from their insights.

      During the role play, the task of the team is to work on a customer order. This requires the planning and execution of building a high-quality product by using only the available resources in their kits.

      To increase the difficulty of the game and make it more realistic, we all have to face different challenges coming from pre-defined rules of the game. This includes a variety of stressful situations that we have to manage in each process. Next to following work instructions in order to build under pressure, we need to answer questions and manage stops and downtimes. All the rest is fun, and I seriously mean it!

      The output of the rounds is an interesting experience. ‘Together’ is more than a written motto and the rules are not just there to slow us down. “We were better when we collaborated” and even more important, “we learned a lot of things effortlessly, in a pleasant way.” These are the words our colleagues used to describe the experience of ‘Quality Starts With Me’, and each statement accompanied by big winner-smiles.

      At the end of the day, we can either win or lose, just like in real life: the cost of our work, the trust of our customer and all the resources available – always limited – that influenced the final result. Every round seems to bring the same conclusion: Quality starts right here, right with me. As long as we know that, we can only win.


      This article was written by our employee.

      Geanina Ambrus