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      November 01, 2023

      A foreign adventure with Continental

      My name is Sadaf Moghari and I am currently in the final phase of my training as an industrial clerk at Continental. In this blog post I would like to share my exciting experience working abroad with the Erasmus+ program at Continental Rengas Oy in Helsinki.

      During my training, I was always looking for opportunities to develop myself personally and professionally. When I found out about the opportunity to complete part of my training abroad, I was immediately excited. Continental offers its apprentices the opportunity to gain valuable international experience while expanding their skills in a global context. My destination for this exciting part of my training was Continental Rengas Oy in Helsinki, Finland.

      When I arrived in Helsinki, I was assigned to the Marketing & Pricing department. This was a unique opportunity to deepen my knowledge and skills in these areas and gain practical insights into Continental's global marketing strategies. During my deployment I had the opportunity to take part in various events, including the Summer Tire Festival Finland Rock n' Road and the Ladies European Tour Golf. These events not only offered the opportunity to expand my network, but also allowed me to experience Continental's brand presence up close.

      A special highlight of my assignment abroad was my participation in the Summer Tire Festival Finland Rock n' Road, where I was able to experience firsthand people's passion for automotive technology. Equally impressive was the opportunity to take part in the Ladies European Tour Golf and experience the connection between sport and technology.

      Throughout my entire experience at Continental, I felt the company value of “trust” in all its facets. This became particularly clear during the independent planning and implementation of my assignment abroad as part of the Erasmus+ program at Continental Rengas Oy in Helsinki. From the very beginning, I had the trust of the company to develop my own ideas and goals for my assignment abroad. The opportunity to largely design my working environment and my tasks abroad not only gave me a high degree of personal responsibility, but also further developed my skills for self-organization and strategic planning.

      In my free time I took the opportunity to get to know Finnish culture and nature. I was particularly fascinated by Finland's breathtaking nature. The endless forests, clear lakes and picturesque landscapes deeply impressed me and always reminded me of Continental's corporate value of "freedom". The opportunity to fully enjoy the beauty of nature and be active in the great outdoors has given me a valuable perspective on the balance between professional commitment and personal well-being.

      Overall, my time in Finland broadened my perspective and reminded me of the importance of the values of trust, freedom and diversity that are promoted at Continental. I am deeply grateful for this unforgettable experience and the opportunity to promote my professional development and personal fulfillment in a way that far exceeded my expectations.

      This blog article was written by our employee.

      Sadaf Moghari

      Industrial Clerk Apprentice