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      Starting from Scratch and Building a New Plant

      Starting from Scratch and Building a New Plant

      Hello Zach, tell us a little bit about yourself. What is your background?

      I am Zach Morrow, the Sr. Staff Project Engineer for Continental Tire Clinton, and I was the FIRST employee hired for this project. The Ackerman, Mississippi native joined in August 2016. Aside from overseeing the day-to-day activities at the construction site of the future training center and commercial vehicle tire plant, I travel across the world for trainings, conferences and business meetings. Even though I am a small town southerner at heart, I am enjoying my role with Continental Tire.

      What is your position with the Greenfield Clinton project? And what are your job responsibilities?

      I am a Senior Project Engineer in Clinton. My day-to-day responsibilities include overseeing the activities on the construction site. In general, this means the management of the overall construction schedule and budget as well as ensuring our future plant is constructed to the quality required for mass tire production.

      What background experience and education makes you a good fit for your job?

      My bachelors degree from Mississippi State University is in the field of Management of Construction & Land Development. This explicitly describes my current role. I have also worked in the construction industry in some form or fashion for over 12 years now. This includes working for a subcontractor, general contractor, and construction materials sales. Since 2014, I have worked for the “owner” overseeing facility maintenance and construction projects.

      In addition to an abundance of jobs, what do you think Continental can bring to the Clinton area?

      With accolades such as “Most Admired Companies” by Fortune Magazine and “America’s Best Employers” by Forbes Magazine, I expect the entire community to experience growth and an improved standard of living. It’s hard to put the impact into perspective, but I have traveled to Germany and Slovakia and can attest to the massive contributions our plants make in their respective communities.

      How do you feel about being one of the first people hired to work in this huge plant?

      Quite simply, it’s an honor! As the first employee hired in August 2016, I’ve gotten the opportunity to wear many hats and be exposed to various sides of the business that one could only yearn for. Now, the foundation is set, and I look forward to growing and excelling with Continental for many years to come.

      What do you treasure most about Continental as a company and an employer?

      Continental is a great company. I am motivated everyday by our core values and my colleagues. Being a part of the Greenfield Clinton project is an honor.


      This article was written by our employee.

      Alina Mumme