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      The Twins Brice and Sebastien Tell Us Their Story
      January 06, 2020

      The Twins Brice and Sebastien Tell Us Their Story

      Being Maintenance Officer of Automated Equipment is not about having one’s hands dirty, it is above all about knowing how to work in front of screens (laptop/tablet) in order to follow the proper functioning of the production lines.

      Our names are Brice and Sebastian, we are 28 years old and we are operating as Maintenance Officer/Manager of the automated equipment (MMAE) at Continental Boussens (in the South of France). We have been working at Continental for 4 years now.

      After graduating with a Higher National Diploma in Electrotechnics, we have started our careers as maintenance officers, then forklift operators in other industries such as foundry before becoming MMAE. We are responsible for the continuous improvement of thirty production lines and organize our work around repair and maintenance of those lines.

      We love creating together! From childhood on we have been working manually and share the same areas of interests especially tinkering, the mechanics, ironwork, cutlery, and innovation. Moreover, we are also manufacturing electric guitars, furniture and decorative items. Therefore, it is no surprise that we are working for the same company!

      Since our skills are complementary, we have never felt any type of competition or rivalry. Our strengths lay in our mutual motivation, we cannot stop lifting each other up.

      We are happy that our professional and privat lives are balanced, so when we head home, we mostly do not speak about work anymore. Even though we have several hobbies, it is no problem for us to combine them with the job.

      When we joined Continental, we did not know much about the automotive industry but already appreciated this industry for its rapid evolution and its implementation of emerging technologies such as robotics, automatism or vision technology. One of the most striking evolutions since we arrived is the cobots (collaborative robots). Those articulated arms are impressive! Plus, as main actors of the 4.0 plant, we are autonomous and free to act in our day to day.

      One advice we like to share with you is, that we encourage you to be curious about everything. An apprenticeship is a real stepping stone to start a professional career. Do not hesitate to try: You have to dare and give yourself the means!

      What about the future? We would like to stay in maintenance while developing our team management skills. The area of maintenance is deep in continuous training, we are learning each day to constantly evolve!


      This article was written by our employee.

      Brice Laugier

      Maintenance Officer/Manager of the automated equipment (MMAE)