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      January 27, 2014

      Two marvellous miracles for a full time working mom

      This is a story of a full time working mom . This is my story.

      When I look back some years I am in a little reminiscent mood thinking about my relaxing evenings, cooking special courses and watching movies on TV.

      Now I come back home and find two young babies, 1 and 2 years old,  full of energy that are around me and who do not leave me alone till sleeping time….what has happened to my life?

      I had a life before babies and a life after babies…the only stable thing is my job…always in Continental… always full time. I really like my job and now it has become the relaxing part of my life! Yes, trust me, I find  fighting working problems easier than fighting children problems. What about the first solid meals? The bellyache? Sleepless nights?

      But this is nothing compared to the great desire of becoming a mom and the verdict that I could not have babies….

      When my doctor told me that I would have never been able to get pregnant I felt my heart was empty, I could not imagine not to have the chance of continuing my normal life; it was as something was abruptly interrupted inside of me. I spent some months thinking only to relax my body and my mind when after just three months I suffered from a terrible stomach ache; I thought that probably I did not relax enough and that it was caused by stress….my stomach ache had a name: Lorenzo! It is impossible to describe my happiness.

      When my son was 5 months old I discovered that the second miracle was happening in my life and the miracle’s name was Francesco. Grown up like twins they are always together, but even though they can play by their own, they ask for the presence of their mom and dad…we are inseparable!

      So after a long working day made of calculations, trainings, procedures I spend the evening hours playing with trains, running after tricycles and looking at cartoons. What’s better than “Peppa pig” watched on TV surrounded by my big family?

      This is a story of a happy (very happy) full time working mom.


      This article was written by our employee.

      Martina Migliaccio