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      Unbelievable, Unforgettable Experiences
      July 12, 2018

      Unbelievable, Unforgettable Experiences

      Hello, I am Sanghun Lee and I did an internship at Continental Automotive in the Communications department in my home country Korea. I was a 2nd ContiStar which is the name of the intern program of Continental Korea. I supported internal & external communications and operated marketing & events.

      I was able to do many different tasks at Continental. I worked in a team to organize and run workshops, sports day and the so called TechDay. I would like to share some of my best stories I experienced while working at Continental.

      The first story is about the sports day. Continental Automotive Korea holds a sports day annually. In this year, the department responsible for organizing the sports day was Vehicle dynamics and Hydraulic Brake Systems (VED/HBS). Even though another team was realizing the event, I proposed to participate and support the team. They wanted to find a moderator for the day so I applied. I like to present in front of crowds and comment. Actually, I would like to be a soccer commentator so I broadcasted soccer matches at my own channel and even uploaded soccer contents on my YouTube channel.

      We made plans, we arranged a well thought through program and split the participants into four teams. Then I wrote a script of what I would say and practiced at home. As the CEO of Continental Korea and about 100 employees would participate it, I didn’t want to mess up.

      At the sports day, I didn’t expect this atmosphere. So many workers laughed loudly at my comments. For example, when people are playing basketball with our CEO, Robert Lee, I said “ If you block his shoot, then you could be fired, so better be careful now ;)”.

      After the event, I was approached by many people to me to shake hands to admire my effort as a moderator, memorized my name and complimented me. I didn’t realize it at the moment, but I was told my presence had a great impact on the success of this event. I really appreciate it.


      The second story is about my talent. After TechDay, we had a dinner meeting with the  management, including our CEO. To be honest, I was very honoured to be invited, because we cannot meet the CEO and have a dinner meeting frequently if we are an intern or on a junior level. But in had the great opportunity to even work with them.

      At the dinner meeting, my co-worker encouraged me to show of my talent. I can imitate others very well. Some of my colleagues knew. So I did my best imitation of some of the managers and entertained the association greatly. Many people had a good laugh and the overall atmosphere was great. Because of it, I think many people remembered me.

      At Continental, I had really interesting and amazing experiences. These memories are to me unbelievable, untouchable and unforgettable. I hope I will have the chance in the future to return to Continental as an employee and make more great memories with my colleagues.


      This article was written by our employee.


      Sanghun Lee