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      Let your ideas shape the future
      August 16, 2023

      Be Focused, Be Eager to Learn, Be Wonderful in Life

      I am Yue Chen, currently holding the position of Regional Information and Cyber Security Manager in Automotive APAC within the Automotive IT organization.

      I initially joined Continental in 2013 as an IT engineer at the Asia HQ in Shanghai. After gaining experience in supporting end users, I developed a keen interest in Information security. Consequently, in 2017, I made the transition to focus on Information and Cyber security. Within four years, I progressed to become the Regional Information Security Manager for China, and eventually took on the responsibility for the entire Asia region.

      Even after seven years in this field, I still maintain a strong sense of curiosity and fascination. Working in Information and Cyber security has made me realize the criticality of security and the associated challenges it brings.

      In 2016, I felt comfortable with the tasks assigned to IT engineers. However, I also contemplated the potential external changes and opportunities. Continental provided me with an additional chance to grow within the IT domain, particularly in the captivating areas of information and cyber security. One of Continental's notable strengths lies in offering numerous internal opportunities and supporting employees in finding their own paths, rather than seeking external options.

      The initial stages of stepping into a new role are filled with excitement and novelty. As time progresses, challenges and moments of doubt may arise due to a perceived lack of competence. These situations have motivated me to continually learn and enhance my skills. The more challenges I encounter, the greater the sense of accomplishment upon succeeding. This is what makes working in the Information and Cyber security field so thrilling. I believe it is the most enchanting phase, where one must equip themselves with new knowledge to keep up with an ever-changing world. Undoubtedly, this valuable experience enhances one's marketability.

      Never cease your curiosity, and never stop learning. It is through these endeavors that life becomes truly wonderful.

      Yue Chen

      Regional Information and Cyber Security Manager