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      A woman is looking through a conveyer belt with boxes

      Blue skies, freezing cold, and early sunsets

      Peter Albrecht heads up the workshop in Arvidsjaur

      Although the thermometer reads minus 30° Celsius, Peter Albrecht, 47, is undaunted by the temperature. Chassis & Safety first sent the mechanic, who has worked for Continental for 27 years, to the winter test track in Arvidsjaur, Sweden in 1994. And for eleven years now, he has been in charge of the workshop near the Arctic Circle. 

      ​​​​​​​Albrecht is on site for five months of the year – from November to April. He only heads back to Frankfurt for two weeks at Christmas. Shifting snow, polishing ice, changing brake disks, pulling cars out of snowdrifts – when asked about his job, Albrecht answers with a laugh. “I do a little of everything here. This job is a lot of fun.”