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      Business Consulting

      The In-House Business Consultant

      A position as a Continental Business Consultant provides the opportunity to perform the exciting and multifaceted role of a business consultant within the company. Our in-house consultants handle assignments in all parts of the company along the entire value chain. The objectives can be anything from process optimization, strategy development and structural analysis to production planning. As versatile actors on an international stage, within the respective projects Continental Business Consultants take on a variety of roles that could include project manager, analyst or mediator.

      The focal point of all activities for the Continental Business Consultant is the client. Working closely with the client, problems are analyzed in detail before solutions are drawn up and appropriate measures proposed and implemented. In this way, with their experience and expert knowledge, our Business Consultants help their clients attain their objectives without ever losing sight of the big picture – which is all about keeping our company competitive. 

      Let Your Ideas Shape the Future