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      Remuneration and Benefits at Continental

      We want you to feel good about working for us. Compensation at Continental means more than the compensation only, but a lot of additional benefits as well. Our support extends to areas such as work-life balance, child-care, health programs, and retirement plans. In most cases benefits are established at a local level, so they will differ depending on where you work with us. You can find out more about the specific programs and benefits that are offered in the position you are interested in by looking at the righthand column of the job description on our job portal.

      Attractive bonuses

      When it comes to compensating our employees, we believe in good pay for good performance. We are committed to the idea of sharing our success. A remuneration system that rewards good performance plays a decisive part at Continental and extends beyond the upper levels of management. Depending on the location and regional standards, in addition to an industry and competitive base salary regularly compared to the market, we offer attractive, performance-based bonuses. Throughout the corporation middle and top management share in the company’s profits by means of annual variable remuneration. The variable component of the manager’s salary is based on a scale structure and increases in accordance with their position ranking.

      Balanced Working Conditions

      To help our employees strike a healthy balance between their jobs and other aspects of their lives, we offer flexible working conditions worldwide, such as mobile working, part-time and flexi-time, and sabbaticals. We also believe it’s possible to combine kids and a career. Whether it’s our company daycare center in Sibiu (Romania), parent-child offices in Frankfurt (Germany) or extended maternity leave in the United States, different local programs make it easier to reconcile the demands of work and family.

      Keeping Healthy

      We put high priority on boosting the resilience, responsibility and autonomy of our employees. To give you a few examples: Our locations in Guadalajara (Mexico), Mt. Vernon (US) and Bangalore (India) have gyms for our employees to use, while Lindau (Germany) offers reduced-price massages in the workplace. A wide variety of programs for sports and exercise, stress management, yoga, healthy backs, ergonomics, cancer screenings, vision tests, and vaccinations illustrate the many facets of preventive health care at Continental worldwide.

      Employee Discounts

      We offer employees discounts on company products – especially tires. In addition, in countries such as Brazil, the USA, Germany, Romania and Slovakia, our employees benefit from lower rates on insurance, private and company pension plans, and many additional discounts on external products and services. At your job interview, you’ll have a chance to ask about the specific perks offered at that location.

      Care for adequate retirement benefits and Transparent pension system

      We take our social responsibility seriously and offer our employees the opportunity to plan for a financially secure retirement. Our international retirement strategy centers on contribution-based pension plans that are aligned with the regularity framework of each individual country.