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      AI empowered employees = AI empowered company?

      Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used across disciplines and impacts both our way of working and our working results. Even though comparably new, AI is “just” the next natural step towards digitalization. At Continental, we persuade the vision of:

      • Being an AI empowered company: keeping and increasing revenues through AI enabled products and services, and
      • Having AI empowered employees: increasing productivity through AI automation and data driven decisions.  

       AI is a broad technological area which consists of subfields like Knowledge Representation, Natural Language Processing, Learning, Planning, Perception or Robotics. All of them are relevant for us at different intensities, and very often a combination of them, also with conventional technologies, is needed to serve a specific customer need and offer a solution.

      AI Talents @ Continental

      At Continental, we empower employees to shape the future of mobility, to be an active part of the modern working world and transforming the automotive industry. Thus, we offer access to a training on AI topics and encourage every employee to invest some of their time in becoming familiar with AI and the development of new skills.

      The AI Talents initiative was defined and launched in 2018 to build up internal competencies in the field of AI. Our offer consists of different trainings, in different formats, from internal and external providers, and is continuously further developing. It is thus a platform for life-long learning in the area of AI, combining programs from Software Academy, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), or University Partnerships.

      Software Academy

      The Software Academy (SW Academy) is Continental’s internal global learning platform which provides lifelong learning opportunities for software engineers and anyone else with a passion and / or need to pick up software skills and competence. It comes along in various learning formats (e. g. e-learning, micro learning, virtual classroom, game-based learning, reading materials). The SW Academy also provides experiential learning and qualification opportunities for engineers like coding playgrounds, case studies, certifications and software skill-based assessments. The training offers cover. In about 270* courses the academy covers a wide range of topics around software technologies, automotive software, agile frameworks, software project management, Data Wrangling, Big Data Analytics, Ethics of AI and many more.  More than 15,000* colleagues globally have enrolled in these courses already. (*numbers from October 2020) 

      University Partnerships

      To keep up the pace with the research in AI and to understand the latest trends, Continental has partnered with several eminent universities around the world such as the University of California at Berkeley, German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), University of Oxford, Nanyang Technological University in Singapore (NTU), Indian Institute of Technology – IIT, Chennai, New Delhi and Bangalore.

      These institutions are engaged in cutting edge research on AI, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing and applications of these technologies. By virtue of the partnerships, Continental has access to the rich scientific research content and data sets developed by these institutions – and passes it on to every employee interested. The exchange and collaboration with the academia further happen in the form of joint projects, technical talks, or residence within corporate labs.