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      Ambassador Program 2020

      Continental Ambassadors

      Turning vision into reality and change into opportunities, at Continental we are constantly working on innovative solutions for a connected and sustainable future mobility. The Continental Ambassador Program is here to show the world our expertise and culture through the eyes and voice of our employees. By sharing our knowledge and experience, we help pave the path for a successful and better-informed future generation of engineers and talent.

      More than 1000 enthusiastic Continental Ambassadors, from various countries (Mexico, US, Canada, China, Brazil, India, Romania, Germany and France among others) are conveying what we as Continental stand for to the outside. They give firsthand insights into our company and the valuable impact our work has on everyday life.

      "In my daily working life, I encounter a lot of diverse, impressive and wonderfull colleagues. Their outstanding engagement and passion to wind as key contributors to the success of Continental are one of my biggest sources of inspiration and energy. Who better than them could tell about our company and its value-based culture?

      And I take a lot of pride seeing more than 1000 of them enrolled as Continental Ambassadors to convey outside of our organization as well  what we as Continental stand for. By sharing their exercise with potential new talents, they support us securing a successful and competitive future. I highly appreciate their efforts and contiributions to our business."

      Engage, Connect and Spread the Word: Global Virtual Ambassador Convention 2021

      In June 2021, we invited our more than 900 Ambassadors from 10 countries to the first “Global Virtual Ambassador Convention”. During the two days virtual event, our Ambassadors had the chance to exchange experiences, share best practices and discuss topics such as Employee Advocacy, leadership and flexibility. They also participated in an exclusive Tech Talk about “AI at Continental” and engaged into a panel discussion with Ariane Reinhart, our Member of the Executive Board for HR and Sustainability.

      Do you want to get some insight into the two days full of networking, learning and fun? Then watch our short highlight video and hear more about how our Ambassadors experienced the first Global Virtual Ambassador Convention:

      There are many reasons why our colleagues decide to become also our Ambassadors.

      Let some of them tell you more about the Ambassador role: