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      Learning at Continental

      Learning is a habit that matters to us.

      The lines between the analog and digital worlds are becoming increasingly blurred – vehicles warn drivers of dangers, humans and robots work hand in hand, and components communicate automatically with machines in the factory.

      To leverage the opportunities offered by digitalization, we have to make sure our company and our workforce are prepared for this transformation.

      We strongly believe that lifelong learning and the intensive sharing of knowledge are necessary to the development of innovative ideas and solutions. At Continental, we want to create value for a better tomorrow. This means that it is critical for us that our people can develop and grow as business evolves. But what does that mean in practice? What do we stand for?

      We see Learning as everyone’s responsibility:
      Together we learn, together we grow, together we win.

      At Continental, we believe that curiosity, openness to new ideas, and a willingness to grow are essential qualities in our employees. Promoting and developing these qualities is important to us. Our numerous tailored vocational training and continuing professional development programs are a regular feature of our corporate landscape.

      Only when we all learn, we – as individuals and as an organization – will be adaptive and innovative and therefore be sustainably successful – today and in future.

      We walk the talk…One Example in more detail:

      Every day has 1,440 minutes. 1,440 opportunities to make an impact. 🙌 And this leads us to the motto of our Global Learning Weeks 2022: "Small Steps. Big Impact." Every employee was able to join our ten-week initiative, where our colleagues’ provided tips for learning, inspiring videos, ready-to-use material, and a platform to exchange with other learners. 📚

      For us learning culture goes far beyond traditional training offerings: We learn every day, from everything we do, from our own successes and failures and from the experiences of others. Learning for us is not only a skillset but also a mindset and driving this learning culture is one of our key values. 💪 The Learning Weeks were designed to foster a setting where everyone is committed to learn, focusing on an individual learning goal with a time invest of not more than 5 minutes every day. Small steps with a big impact - which we don´t want to withhold from you… 😉

      Learning Bite 1

      #LearningGoalsAndHabits 🎯

      The responsibility for our own continuous #learning lies with each and every one of us. And this takes us to an important question: What do you actually want to learn? Setting #goals is the very first step towards successful learning. What makes reaching your goal easier is to be totally committed to it. The goals need to be relevant to you. 🙌

      And what is needed to build up a new habit? The good news is: 5 minutes every day is enough to create a habit for the long term and make progress. It takes about 6-8 weeks to anchor a new habit firmly in your behavior. Therefore, set a goal that you can achieve and stick to it.

      In our Global Learning Weeks we also found out about a great #LearningHack: Habit Stacking. Have you heard about it yet? 🧐 Habit stacking can be described as the process of stacking habits on top of each other; you follow up a habit with another one. An existing habit becomes a trigger for your new habit.

      For example, you might say after I brew my morning coffee, I drink it while reading a book. That way the new behavior is associated with something you have already internalized. ☕📚

      “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

      That’s the historian Will Durant about habits, paraphrasing Aristotle in his book 'The Story of Philosophy'. And we totally agree! 😉

      Now it´s your turn: What has been something that you wanted to learn, but did not have time for?

      Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments! 💛

      Learning Bite 2

      #FailingIsLearning 👑

      We all know the feeling of being stressed, busy and wishing the day had more than 24 hours. If there is no time for anything that is not of highest priority, then how would you fit a learning activity into your schedule? But we sometimes make it too easy for us: Learning does not always mean adding activities to the already more than full calendar. ☝️

      70 % of our learnings come from what we do every day, through our own work, especially through new tasks, challenges, crises, changes and… making mistakes.

      Moments of failure, our small and big defeats, are some of the greatest opportunities for us to learn and grow. 🚀

      It is important to address failures as such and evaluate them to, in the end, turn a failure into a learning you can benefit from in the future: Create a "Museum of Failure"!

      This learning hack celebrates doing mistakes. On your own or as a team you can prepare an exhibition of failures and reward the mistake from which you have learned the most.

      What is your fail of the week?

      Learning Bite 3


      From whom can we learn better than from… our children?! 👧🧑

      Children are learning wonders. They naturally learn new things every day and discover their environment: Learning is their habit.

      During our Global Learning Weeks we aspired to see the world through children´s eyes and met our Conti children who are real learning experts and gave loads of inspiration! 💫

      Why not follow our children´s example? We adults spend a third of our lives at work. So, it’s no surprise that our learning culture and our learning habits matter deeply.

      Also, when people come together and exchange ideas, the best conditions are given to learn. 🚀

      The challenge of learning as a team at work? Building a joint habit takes time and shared commitment from every employee. And: We must do it every day.

      A learning hack to establish routines is the Agenda Zero. Every meeting with more than three participants begins with a very short agenda item Zero. The one who has organized or invited to a meeting, ensures that someone shares a learning.

      That way learning as a team becomes a habit - just as it is for children. 💪

      Is there something you have been able to learn from (your) children? Let us share our thoughts with each other in the comments! 🤩

      Quotes from our employees

      "Consistency matters more in learning than a short burst. Even if we read a page we have to cultivate a habit out of it. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast!!"

      "I know things to do my Job, I want to know things to do more and have different perspectives and have a wide scope."

      "Its a must to keep up with technology; if I gain knowledge that helps me succeed or become more efficient, it satisfies me. Keeping a broad mindset and being flexible to change, is something that I focus on."