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      Talent Management

      Talent Is a Treasure to Discover and Value

      We believe that there is talent hidden within every individual. A priceless treasure that is just waiting to be discovered and developed to its full potential.

      Coaching, Mentoring, International Assignments: We Promote Talented People

      We identify talented people give them space to grow and promote them individually. This is how we make sure that potential can develop into solid strengths and robust skills, and every employee can deliver the best possible performance in a position that is right for them. Training courses and one-on-one activities such as coaching and mentoring, planned steps along the career path, and international assignments are all designed to meet individual professional development needs.

      Planning and Shaping Your Career

      Regular employee dialogues let employees and supervisors align goals and expectations, document performance, and open up career prospects. Through our digital talent management tool mySuccess @ Continental, individuals’ skills, capabilities and aspirations can be made visible throughout the company. In addition, Continental fosters a strong feedback culture. We believe in frank, honest, and constructive criticism between colleagues and between employees and their supervisors. The ability to reflect critically on your own performance, the support given by colleagues, and the freedom to try things out and to make mistakes all add up to a creative and empowering working environment.