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      Various Career Paths

      Ready for the Next Big Step? Join Us!

      At Continental, there are many career paths open to dedicated and enthusiastic employees. Our many training and professional development programs help employees pursue their career dreams.

      Depending on the division, we offer three general career paths:

      • Expert Career
        Does technology make your heart beat faster? Then our expert career path could be right for you. Experts are of great strategic importance to our company because they keep us on the cutting edge of technology – making sure we maintain our strong technological position in the market. To emphasize this strategic importance of the expert’s role within our organization, we have developed the Continental Expert Career. You can find the Expert Career in three sectors - in R&D (incl. Quality), Manufacturing (incl. Supply Chain Management and Supplier Quality) and IT. Four expert levels can be attained, starting with Local Expert and extending to Principal Expert. All of them are part of our Expert Community.
      • Project Management Career
        By successfully planning and rolling out projects to the satisfaction of our customers, project managers play an essential role in Continental’s success. They have a complex, challenging job that also requires management skills. This path takes you through the steps of Project Manager and Senior Project Manager to Project Director, assisted by numerous training courses, seminars, and coaching to build your professional and methodological competencies and forge your interpersonal skills.
      • Management Career
        Continental systematically shapes the management careers of executives and managers with potential. The challenging program modules are sequential, with learning content tailored to the different participants’ needs. They equip leaders to meet the demands of their challenging roles.

      The boundaries between the paths can be fluid. Everyone travels the path at their own pace, sometimes faster, sometimes slower, and decides for themselves in dialogue with their supervisor when it makes sense to move in a certain direction.