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      Digital Transformation

      New ways of working mean new opportunities

      As digitalization advances, it is playing a major role at Continental – for our products, our organization, and above all, our employees. When we look at digitalization, we see significant opportunities for closer networking, transparent communication and dialog, and greater efficiency and flexibility.

      Many people regard digitalization with a certain degree of skepticism – won’t Industry 4.0 mean that all work is done by robots? But at Continental, people will always play an important role. Indeed, our employees are helping us to shape the process of digital transformation. We remain in dialog with our people, providing them with information as well as the skills they need through our tailored training and talent management program. Because the principle of lifelong learning is an integral part of Continental’s DNA.

      Software Academy – a global learning initiative

      The concept of learning with and from one another is an essential part of Continental’s efforts to help shape digital transformation. It was with this in mind that we developed our Software Academy, which aims to teach software skills and train our Software Engineers for the digital future. The Software Academy is a global learning and training platform for every employee who would like to expand their software skills, with the goal of building up the same know-how across the organization.

      Microsoft Office 365 – New Work Style

      By now using Microsoft Office 365, Continental is offering our employees a multi-faceted environment in which they can network, learn, and share information across borders and generations. We understand this means that all employees are confronted with a change process. But they don’t have to go it alone. It is precisely this increased collaboration that opens up opportunities for ongoing professional development and keeping pace with advancing digitalization. Throughout this process, our employees are supported by local GUIDEs and given precisely the information and support they need.

      Cobots – Assistants, not replacements

      On the shop floor, the digital transformation at Continental can be seen in the use of robots and in many other ways. Collaborative robots known as “cobots” support our employees by handling repetitive and strenuous tasks, allowing employees to devote their time to more challenging work which adds value. In short, at Continental no one “ends up on the scrap heap.” Job applicants who predate the generations who grew up using computers and the internet are just as much in demand as digital natives. You just have to be open to learning new things.