A woman sits at the table, working from home with the tablet in front of her and the mobile phone to her ear


Flexibility – Everybody Wins!

We offer our employees flexible working opportunities in 21 countries worldwide. This covers more than 90 percent of our workforce across all levels of the hierarchy. With these wide-reaching policies, we are proud to be blazing new trails ahead of our international competitors. Because we know that when employees can work flexibly, everybody wins.

In specific terms, flexible working conditions at Continental mean the ability to work remotely, to take advantage of part-time and flexi-time hours, or to take personal leave in the form of a sabbatical. This creates an environment for our employees in which they can balance their jobs with other aspects of their lives as needed, taking an active role in shaping the world in which they work.

As part of the Future Work initiative, we are rolling out various measures to make working conditions more flexible throughout the world. Watch the story of three of our colleagues who experienced this. © Continental AG