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      French cyclist Lucien Petit-Breton won Tour de France on "Continental Pneumatic"

      July 2023: Continental and the bicycle have a long history together. The "Continental Pneumatic" as the first air-filled tire brought the breakthrough for our company in the 1890s. Bicycles were at the center of an emerging bicycle racing movement. At the same time, they were a means of mobility for a broad section of the population. Continental was part of this movement from the very beginning. The early cycling pioneers crossed mountains on our tires, won races, and pushed the limits of human possibility time and again. This year's Tour de France is a new chapter in this.

      Did you know that Continental was already a very international company at the beginning of the 20th century? There were Continental sales offices and plants in all parts of the world. Openness and freedom characterized our corporate culture. Out of this spirit, Continental sponsored various international cyclists. The French cyclist Lucien Petit-Breton won the Tour de France twice on Continental tires in those years. Sport overcomes borders and connects people – then as now with the support of our products.