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      March 11, 2021

      How my learning experience changed with Software Academy

      SW Academy, the place where you can continuously learn and improve our knowledge.

      My name is Carla Drodtloff and I am an Innovation & Improvements Consultant in Timisoara, Romania.

      My role is to help colleagues in the location to get from idea to value creation, by being a systematic enabler of new innovation & improvement projects at Business Unit level, by changing the focus from target achievement to value creation and by driving location innovation & improvement projects for the benefit of Bus.

      Since I can remember, I was always passionate to learn new things, to grow and develop new skills.

      After having successfully finished O365 guides program, I set up a personal target to have at least 20 minutes per day to learn new things.

      Well, that’s the tricky part when you are dedicated to your work and every second counts. Improvement projects, training, workshops, location projects, colleagues that need your help with different O365 tools, challenges that I embrace gladly and openly, but how to prioritize… and still have time for my 20 min/ day learning.

      So, I decided that every morning, before starting work, I will write down my to do list for that that day, making sure to include also some time for my learning and at the end of the day revising the list. By making this ritual a habit, reflecting and adjusting every step of the way, I have time for learning every day.

      But where to start from? Where to find information on topics of interest? Making sure that the information is well structured, consistent and I can access easily whenever I have time.

      One of my interest topics is Agile. Well, that’s a whole universe of information about Agile. I started participating in different community calls, joining different ConNext communities, searching the intranet, checking specialized sites and not enough time to read them all.

      One of my colleagues mentioned that the Continental Software Academy department has a variety of e-learning and microlearning and it is quite easy to find what you are looking for. Also, since I have joined the Continental Software Academy community, I am receiving via e-mail new added eLearning.

      What is Continental Software Academy? It is a global learning platform for all Continental employees, which provides learning opportunities in terms of Agile development, Cyber Security, Embedded Software Development and Artificial Intelligence.

      So, I gave it a try.

      My learning experience changed for the better, I now have a list of my interest learnings at my fingertips, ready to be viewed in my own pace.

      I especially enjoy the Agile microlearning, prepared by Agile Community of Practice, the learnings are not too long, well-structured, well recorded and focused on one topic at a time.

      So, thanks to Continental Software Academy, I can manage better my time and learn every day something new.

      Great job, guys! Really appreciate it!


      This article was written by our employee.

      Carla Drodtloff

      Innovation & Improvements Romania