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      On which stock exchanges are Continental shares traded?

      Continental shares are listed on  four German stock exchanges (Frankfurt, Hanover,  Hamburg & Stuttgart). They are, moreover, also traded under a sponsored ADR program in the OTC market in the United States.

      When was Continental first listed on the stock exchange?

      Continental has been listed as a public limited company/stock corporation since its founding in 1871 (admission date: October 1, 1871). (It was founded under the name Caoutchouc- und Gutta-Percha Compagnie).

      1897 first listed at the stock exchange in Hanover.

      Continental was a founding member of the German Stock Index (DAX) in 1988. Its share was listed in the German Stock Index until 1996. After a re-organization that year, the share was relisted in the MDAX. Since 2003 the share is back in the German Stock Index (DAX). On December 22, 2008 Continental is to leave the leading German stock index and move down to the MDAX (mid-cap index). Exclusion from the top-30 stock market index took place on the basis of the fast-exit rule, according to which Continental is unable to fulfill the market capitalization requirement for the DAX index. In September 2012, we succeeded in being promoted back to the DAX again – on the basis of free float of just 40%.

      What type of shares does Continental issue?

      Continental issues only bearer shares

      What is Continental AG's German Security Code (WKN) and its ISIN code?

      Its German Security Code (WKN) is 543 900. Its ISIN Code is DE 0005439004.

      How can I acquire shares of Continental AG?

      Shares of Continental AG can be acquired through your bank.

      Does Continental AG hold treasury stock?

      At the moment Continental AG does not hold treasury stock.

      How high were the dividends been paid in the last few years?

      Please click here to view the dividends  paid out over the last years.

      How have Continental shares developed in the last five years?

      This chart shows the share price performance over the last years. 

      Who are the shareholders of the Continental shares?

      The shareholder structure is to be found here.

      Which accounting standards does Continental adhere to in its annual financial statements?

      Continental AG has adhered to the principles of IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) since 2005. From 1998 to 2004 the consolidated financial statements were drawn up in accordance with U.S. GAAP. Prior to that Continental AG adhered to the principles set forth in HGB.

      What does Corporate Governance mean and how is this subject treated by Continental AG?

      The term Corporate Governance stands for responsible corporate management and control geared to long-term value creation. Efficient cooperation between the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board, respect for shareholder interests, and open and transparent corporate communications are key aspects of good corporate governance. For more information about Corporate Governance please go to our Corporate Governance page.