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      CES 2024

      The Future is Now: Innovating Mobility from the Road to the Cloud

      Curious how Continental is making future mobility happen today? 

      ​Continental is advancing technology solutions for the new era of mobility. The evolution from hardware-centric mechatronic products towards more software-driven solutions is already in place. By leveraging our expertise in software-driven mobility, we shape this new era together with you! ​ ​At CES, Continental demonstrated how our latest technology is redefining the vehicle at every level - from the road to the cloud.

      Here you can explore our CES 2024 highlights to see how Continental’s functions and solutions are making mobility safer, more exciting and autonomous – from the virtual to the real world!

      The Middle Lane: Self-Driving Cars Today

      Despite real innovation in self-driving cars, we’re nowhere near the dream of fully self-driving vehicles. What are the roadblocks? 

      During CES 2024, Aruna Anand, President and CEO of Continental Automotive North America, joined a group of industry experts to discuss the status and future of autonomous mobility. 

      Watch here!

      Our Highlights from CES

      Software-Defined Vehicle

      Road to Cloud Ecosystem: Continental’s vision of a full stack architecture solution for the software-defined vehicle.

      Zonal Architectures using Service-oriented Architecture (SOA) Method: Zonal architectures using SOA ease the management of vehicle variants and reuse in software-defined vehicles.

      Function as a Product: With our Function as a Product solutions, ​Continental enables OEMs to develop solutions​ faster to the market and be more cost-efficient.

      The Concept Car: A comprehensive reference of Continental’s capabilities for the software-defined vehicle.

      Smart Cockpit High-Performance Computer (HPC) Vehicle: In collaboration with Google Cloud, Continental demonstrates how the Smart Cockpit HPC enables the mobility experience of the future – in a cost-optimized way and with a short development time.


      Iconic Crystal Displays:We demonstrate the next generation display technology and highlight innovative design possibilities, matching the trend for luxury appearance.

      Curved In2visible Display:We offer a seamless cockpit integration that enables completely new design possibilities, making the vehicle a living room on wheels.

      Face Authentication Displays:We provide the highest security standard for smooth car entry and safe vehicle start. By using a liveness check we are securing it‘s you.

      eTravel Companion: We provide a unique user experience using quality content from our partners and new ideas from start-up companies.

      Safe & Autonomous

      180° Corner Module / Drive-Brake Unit: Think vehicle motion different with the Drive-Brake Unit and the unique 180° Corner Module: Taking vehicle motion to the next level with a universal software-defined control. An efficient, compact, and all-by-wire integration of 180° steering, electric drive, brake, and suspension. Offering air spring levelling functions and new driving features like crab-walk parking and zero-turn capabilities.

      Automated Driving Fallback System Simulation: Continental will bring to the market fully automated, full-stack Fallback System, which takes over control and brings the vehicle to a safe state by applying a minimal risk maneuver in case of a rare malfunction of the Performance Path.

      Radar Vision Parking:Experience the future of automated parking technology with enhanced performance, safety and substantial cost savings designed for software-defined vehicle architectures.

      Automated Valet Parking and Logistics: Leveraging telematics and infrastructure solutions to enable Automated Logistics and Automated Valet Parking on ADAS-equipped vehicles.

      Full Stack AD Solution with Ambarella:Strategic partnership to co-develop and deliver scalable SAE L2-L4 automated driving systems for centralized architectures.

      Aurora Driverless Truck:Exclusive partnership to realize commercially scalable autonomous trucking systems.


      Visit our marketplace technologies in the reception area:

      Continental GT Showcase: Race towards the future of mobility with Continental.

      Virtualization of Smart Cockpit High-Performance Computer (HPC):Digital twin of Smart Cockpit HPC, shortens development time and helps automakers to  identify issues earlier in the development cycle.

      Transformation to the Software-defined Vehicle:Within our road to cloud ecosystem, we deliver enabling technologies, hardware components, and complex software solutions and functions.

      "CES 2024 is a great opportunity for Continental to demonstrate how we are innovating mobility from the road to the cloud and from virtual to real with safe, exciting, and autonomous technologies. In the new era of mobility, particularly software-defined vehicles play an integral role. This is why at CES 2024, alongside many advancing technologies, we specifically highlight our road to cloud ecosystem shown in our Software-defined vehicle concept car with the industry’s first integrated cross-domain HPC and the first operationally ready truck together with Aurora for driverless freight operation in the US starting 2027. We are proud to be recognized two times this year as a CES Innovation Award Honoree."

      Philipp von Hirschheydt, Executive Board member and Chairman of the Automotive Board

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