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      Press Release
      September 16, 2014

      VDO REDI-Sensor successfully launched on the market

      • VDO REDI-Sensor available on the European market as of summer 2014
      • The multi-application TPM sensor can be installed in a wide range of vehicles  
      • Extensive product benefits simplify TPMS servicing for workshops
      • The VDO REDI-Sensor is the winner of the Automechanika Innovation Awards 2014 in the category "Parts & Components"

      Frankfurt, 16th September 2014. As of 1st November 2014, every new car in the European Union will have to be fitted with a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS). As a result, workshops will have to check that the TPM system is functioning correctly after every tire or wheel change. When direct TPM systems are used, the tire pressure is measured quickly and accurately by sensors in the tire. However, the associated monitoring systems require specific sensors depending on the manufacturer. With the VDO REDI-Sensor solution, Continental's VDO brand has developed sensors that are all suitable for use in a wide range of vehicles and therefore greatly simplify operations with these systems. VDO REDI-Sensors also offers a range of other advantages.

      The VDO REDI-Sensor: All the advantages at a glance

      Suitable for use with many different vehicles: At present, practically every TPMS-equipped vehicle that comes to a workshop requires a specific TPM sensor. In the future, however, all workshops will be able to cater to a wide range of different vehicles using just three VDO REDI-Sensor variants. This will greatly simplify storage and logistics for workshops and spare parts dealers alike.

      No additional sensor programming for workshops: Comparable multi-application solutions have to be specially programmed in the workshop every time a new vehicle arrives. However, a different path was chosen for the VDO REDI-Sensor: It is preprogrammed and supplied "ready for installation", hence the product name "REDI". Just like an OE sensor, only the standard vehicle relearn is required.

      New positioning of the sensor: Most TPM sensors available on the market come combined with the tire valve. The VDO REDI-Sensor, by contrast, is supplied in a container which is then glued to the inner surface of the tire. This simplifies the installation of the sensor in the workshop and protects the sensor better against damage and various external aggressors during everyday operation. Because it is positioned inside the tire, the European VDO REDI-Sensor can be combined with any vehicle wheel rim, an aesthetic advantage that delights vehicle owners who place value on the uniform appearance of their wheel rims.

      The VDO REDI-Sensor simplifies everyday workshop TPMS services

      The fact that growing numbers of vehicles are being fitted with tire pressure monitoring systems will also have an impact on workshop tire services as well as on specialist tire dealers. With the REDI -Sensor from VDO, workshops are optimally equipped for the new tasks they face in their everyday work and can react immediately to customer requests. The fact that the VDO REDI-Sensor can be installed quickly easily saves precious time in the workshop.

      Extensive TPMS portfolio: All-round expertise from a single supplier

      Alongside the advantages of the VDO REDI-Sensor, Continental also possesses extensive know-how in the TPMS field. Continental combines the unique knowledge of a leading supplier of vehicle electronics with that of a major tire manufacturer and can call on more than ten years of experience in the development and production of direct measurement systems. With its VDO brand, Continental possesses a comprehensive TPMS portfolio for the automotive aftermarket. From the diagnostic unit ContiSys Check TPMS, through special tools, as well as replacement sensors and TPMS service kits. What is more, the American REDI-Sensor, from which the European solution is derived, has been sold with considerable success in the US market since early 2011.

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