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      Continental ProViu ASL360
      Press Release
      September 26, 2016

      Continental ProViu ASL360 Camera System Makes Operation Easier, Reduces Accident Risks

      • 360-degree view of equipment and surroundings at a single glance

      ALLENTOWN, PA, September 26, 2016 – At the 2016 MINExpo, the Commercial Vehicles & Aftermarket business unit of Continental, a leading global supplier of systems and components to mining, off-highway, agricultural and commercial vehicles as well as for stationary power and industrial power applications, offers an innovative monitoring system to help both owner operators and fleet owners improve overall safety and security. The Continental ProViu® ASL360 Camera System allows the operator to monitor the entire vehicle or piece of equipment and its surroundings at a single glance, maximizing the field of view and eliminating the blind spots. As a specialist in the fields of video processing, display technology and camera applications, Continental combines all of its expertise into the components of the ProViu ASL360 as a single solution for equipment monitoring.

      Full view of vehicle/equipment and surroundings

      The ProViu ASL360 system allows operators to see all around the vehicle/equipment from one video screen. Four, wide-angle micro-cameras monitor the front, rear and sides of the vehicle/equipment and display the video feeds as a single panoramic stream on a 7-inch or 10-inch display. Additionally, to accommodate customer specific requirements, the system can be integrated into an existing display. The system offers a choice of angles: top-down bird's eye, raw 180-degree, specific focus single views and multiple split screens.

      Improved safety, security and efficiency

      The ProViu ASL360 system can be used while the vehicle is in motion or with stationery equipment standing still. It makes operators fully aware of everyone and everything that’s happening around them when loading, unloading or maneuvering through work sites. ProViu ASL360 gives operators a better view of obstacles, other vehicles, machinery and pedestrians, so the equipment can be operated in a much safer manner.

      DVR enhances system with recording capability

      Continental also offers an automotive grade DVR to complement its ProViu ASL360 Camera System. The DVR gives users GPS functionality and the added capability of recording up to 32 GB of footage on a standard SD card. The new DVR has the ability to record up to four video feeds at one time. It can also record vehicle speed and has a G-sensor to log acceleration at the time of the recording. These features make the Continental ProViu ASL360 Camera System an excellent tool not only for safety and security but also for liability purposes.

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