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      Press Release
      May 22, 2017

      Portfolio Expansion: Production Start of the TractorMaster in New 280/75 R 22.5 Size

      • TractorMaster in new 280/75 R 22.5 size for narrower rims
      • Radial tire with load capacity, traction and service life
      • New size is especially well-suited for container handling
      • Also for use outside of port: TractorMaster is ideal for Container Carriers and Yard Tractors

      Hanover, May, 22nd 2017. Ports are some of the most important transshipment points in the world. Day in and day out, heavy freight is delivered and ships are loaded and unloaded. A wide variety of different vehicles are used to transport these extreme loads. Continental Commercial Specialty Tires (CST) has expanded its terminal tire portfolio to serve customers in this area even better, lending its support as a strong partner: The TractorMaster in the new 280/75 R 22.5 size has been rolling off the assembly line in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia since April. Thanks to its low tire diameter, the new size fits optimally on narrower rims in sizes 7.5/8.25–22.5.

      “We are pleased to start production of the TractorMaster in a new tire size. We have developed the new tire size over the past few months in close collaboration with our port customers,” says Julian Alexander, product line manager for material handling at Continental Commercial Specialty Tires. “The smaller tire size is ideal for terminal and RORO tractors that are used in particular in large ports. We recognized this need.”

      TractorMaster: Rugged Construction with Long Service Life

      No other vehicle covers as many miles in port as a terminal tractor. Especially in larger ports, they often need to travel long routes between ships and container yards while handling heavy vehicle loads. Frequent acceleration and braking quickly lead to high wear. Tires on RORO tractors are also subjected to enormous loads. These vehicles are used to transport filled trailers from and to RORO ships on specialized ramps. This is why tires need to have particularly impressive load capacity, durability and puncture resistance to damage caused by scattered metal or wooden components such as twist locks. The TractorMaster meets these requirements due to its robustness and its specialized design.

      The new 280/75 R 22.5 size is especially well suited for container transport and RORO operation. In addition, the TractorMaster has applications outside of port: The tire is used on yard tractors and container carriers for applications such as lifting and moving containers and trailers in central warehouses and distribution centers, container terminals and airports. 

      One unique feature of the tire is its 31 mm tread depth. This not only makes it especially robust, but also increases its service life. Thanks to the increased groove angle, it is more difficult for stones to get caught in the tread pattern and damage the carcass. The reinforced bead construction ensures a high load capacity for the tire, allowing it to effortlessly transport heavy loads. The tread design of the TractorMaster, with closed shoulder and three thoroughly connected ribs, promises a high level of engine smoothness and ideal traction.

      The TractorMaster in new 280/75 R 22.5 size is available to order now. It is available in addition to the TractorMaster 310/80 R 22.5 and the TerminalTransport 300/80 R 22.5.

      The tire is produced in the Continental tire plant in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, where OTR tires for industrial use are manufactured.