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      August 29, 2019

      Continental Brings User Experience of Tomorrow’s Connected Mobility to Life

      • Networked Mobility Demonstrator at Continental´s IAA booth (Hall 8 / A39)
      • Connected systems, solutions and services will determine the user experience of the future
      • Demonstrator bundles know-how in connectivity and human-machine interaction

      Frankfurt, August 29, 2019. Continental is set to immerse visitors of the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA) in the mobility of the future: the technology company is bringing a demonstrator to Frankfurt that shows how connected systems, solutions and services can holistically determine the user experience of tomorrow and make mobility safe, intelligent and stress-free. “A positive user experience is not only the focus on the design and development of our products and services. We have also come up with something special for the IAA visitors. Our Networked Mobility demonstrator makes the world of tomorrow’s intelligent mobility a tangible experience today. And not just virtually, as visitors can experience our technologies and solutions by sitting in the cockpit itself,” explains Dr. Karsten Michels, head of Systems & Technology in Continental’s Interior division.

      Impressive demonstration of new approaches towards human-machine interaction

      In order to make connected mobility a tangible experience, Continental has bundled its expertise in human-machine interaction and connectivity and integrated a wide range of technologies from both areas in the demonstrator. A holistic display solution covering the entire width of the cockpit immediately catches the eye and allows Continental to further advance human-machine interaction for future mobility scenarios by extending or retracting according to driving mode. During manual driving, only the relevant information such as speed or navigation should be displayed, so half of the screen disappears into the cockpit. As soon as the driver activates the automated driving mode, the display extends completely and serves both driver and passenger as an interface for infotainment applications, which they can operate via touch function and whose content can be adapted according to preference. The large-format display is powered by Continental’s Integrated Interior Platform, a comprehensive cockpit software and hardware solution that makes vehicles a fully-functioning part of the Internet of Everything.

      Automated driving in the Networked Mobility Demonstrator is activated with the help of Continental’s Morphing Controls solution, which makes buttons appear as if by magic from a smooth surface. When the automated driving mode is activated, however, not only the screen view but also the rest of the vehicle interior changes. The driver’s seat moves backwards to give the user more room for movement, while Intelligent Glass Control automatically darkens the windows to give passengers greater privacy and make the vision of the mobility living space even more real. As an additional layer of human-machine interaction, Continental developers have integrated the Ac2ated Sound audio solution into the demonstrator. The speakerless technology uses existing surfaces in the vehicle as sound boxes and creates sound, for example, by a vibrating A-pillar or rear shelf, which enables passengers to experience a completely new 3D sound experience.

      Experiencing holistic connectivity

      The Networked Mobility Demonstrator is also an opportunity for Continental to showcase its know-how in connectivity. Thanks to eHorizon, the vehicle always has up-to-date map data and is warned of possible dangers via its connection to intelligent intersections. The demonstrator also shows how real-time networking based on 5G technology will enable high-resolution video conferences or online video games in vehicles in the future. At the same time, wireless software updates ensure that vehicle electronics and software are always up to date and as secure as possible.

      The mobility experience in Continental’s IAA demonstrator is rounded off by the integration of the Digital Companion. The smart assistant ensures that the vehicle interior adapts to the respective driver from the seat and mirror settings to music selection, knows exactly where to go thanks to its calendar connection and keeps children in the back seat amused with personalized entertainment suggestions.

      Continental at the IAA

      These different technologies are used for both private and commercial purposes. In the Networked Mobility Demonstrator, visitors can therefore either immerse themselves in the world of a family on their way to an amusement park or find out what advantages connected mobility has in store for the business world.

      Continental will be presenting its vision of the mobility of the future at the IAA in Frankfurt from September 12 to 22, 2019, in Hall 8 / booth A39.

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