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      Conti Scandinavia HS3 ED
      Press Release
      July 13, 2020

      Continental launches new steer truck tire for severe wintry on/off-road applications

      • Conti Scandinavia HS3 ED is a winter specialist tire with special compound
      • Less stone trapping and quicker ejection
      • First steer tire with blocky pattern offers outstanding winter traction

      Hanover, July 13, 2020. Continental, technology company and manufacturer of premium tires, announced today the introduction of a new truck tire: The new Conti Scandinavia HS3 ED is a steer-axle tire which has been especially developed for goods transportation in wintry mixed on/off-road applications, such as timber transport, mining or at construction sites. The abbreviation “ED” stands for “extra durable” and underlines its capability to manage the challenges for a steer-axle tire under extraordinary winter applications. This tire offers the best level of winter traction for vehicles with demanding steering conditions which operate on varying road conditions. The tire was developed to be used mainly in European Nordic countries with their harsh winter conditions but also for mountain areas with snowy roads in Central and Eastern Europe. It is the result of an intensive market and application study plus discussions with customers which showed the need for a higher level of overall robustness and better stone ejection as well as resistance against stone damages, compared to the standard winter tire.


      The new Conti Scandinavia HS3 ED offers the following features:

      Very high grip for precise steering and cornering stability even off-road, high mileage in off-road operation, even on forest ground and gravel. The tread pattern contains beveled blocks for high resistance to stone damage, zigzag grooves for high traction on winter roads and better mud or snow evacuation and sinusoidal sipes for optimum grip on wet and snowy surfaces. In addition, zigzag grooves with rotating flank angle minimize stone penetration and together with the cut resistant material compound ensure high tread durability.

      Lutz Stäbner, Head of Product Management for Continental truck and bus tires in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), classifies the new development: “The Conti Scandinavia HS3 ED is the latest example of our large, long-lasting expertise in building state-of-the-art winter truck tires for all needed applications, even very demanding ones. This tire can be seen as the winter equivalent to our CrossTrac construction tire which we have introduced two years ago.”


      Per Johansson, Head of Fleet at Pohjanen & Ström, located in Piteå, Sweden tested the new tire and shares his experience: “We drive for the forest industry in Northern Sweden where the weather varies quite a lot during the year. We often operate in a harsh winter environment and on forest roads that are paved with crushed stones. In winter we can have minus 40 degrees Celsius and plus 30 degrees Celsius in summer and in between snowmelt, fog and rain. Our chips transports weigh up to 65 tons and timber transports even up to 74 tons. The biggest challenge we have up here are intense weather changes that can occur quickly, and, in such situations, we must be able to rely on the tire. We saw that the new Conti Scandinavia HS3 ED was able to handle all these difficult circumstances and offered very good grip, stability and traction, especially when starting on winter ground. We prioritize good grip and that a tire can handle sharp stones and branches that can stick up in the frozen road.”


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