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      Press Release
      January 28, 2021

      Continental to Halve the Number of Tire Stickers

      • Tire manufacturer will avoid some 110 metric tons of plastic waste per year
      • Stickers are currently correctly disposed of by the tire trade
      • Necessary information is provided on the mandatory EU tire label

      Hanover, January 26, 2021. From January 2021, in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa), Continental will no longer use one of the two stickers previously used on new tires. Through this move, the tire manufacturer will avoid approximately 110 metric tons of plastic waste per year in the form of the stickers themselves − at present duly disposed of by the tire trade and workshops − and the backing foil, which is removed at the tire plants.

      The information needed by the trade, such as the tire brand, size, article number and other data, appears on the EU tire label that is required by law in the European Union and some other countries. The second sticker, which is no longer in use, additionally bore the logo of the relevant Group brand, such as Continental, Uniroyal, Semperit or Barum.

      “By dispensing with these stickers we are taking an important step towards our corporate goal of sustainability and helping to reduce and substitute the fossil-based content of our worldwide production operations,” says Claus Petschick who heads up the Sustainability department at Continental, explaining the relevance of this change. “We are in the process of converting our entire production chain to sustainable materials. Avoiding waste, and plastic waste in particular, is the best step we can take along this road because it also helps to conserve our natural resources.”


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